Culinary Tour Vietnam- New Experiences by Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Nothing is more wonderful than combining the most varied dining adventures along with exquisite destinations. Vietnam is often considered as a food paradise as it has a wide medley of variations on its platter in northern, central and southern regions with distinctive tastes and cultural significance. Culinary tour Vietnam paves the way for foodie travelers to discover new preparations with locally grown tropical ingredients amid local identities and authentic culture. This is undeniably the best delicious way to experience Vietnam and dig deep into its diversities, traditions, and heritage.

Food tourism is on the rise adding a great impact on the hospitality and tourism industry. The culinary tour is the latest global trend in tourism industry due to the steady increase of public interest in food, which is further driven by the innumerable food photos shared across leading social platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. These unique experiences and tempting food photos shared by foodie travelers embed the wanderlust of culinary tourism among others which simultaneously fuels the trend of food tour to experience different cultures through food tasting. Culinary events and food festivals have made the food journeys more appealing and informative for the foodie travelers, making the trend of the culinary tour even more popular than ever.

Metropole Culinary Stars

Maximizing the potential of this lucrative market, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi in Vietnam, the renowned French colonial 5-star hotel with a neo-classical aura is organizing the one of its kind culinary event, Metropole Culinary Stars. This is a kind of food fiesta that many food connoisseurs look for to gorge into the wide array of gourmet experiences.

Metropole Culinary Stars- An Elegant Celebration of Culinary Tour Vietnam

An enlightening culinary event from one of the leading brands of the hospitality industry to win the heart of thousands of food enthusiasts, Metropole Culinary Stars is not only a show but a celebration of tastes, enthusiasm, and art. It is an assemblage of world-class chefs from all corners of the world to let the foodies get indulged in the grand culinary tour while experiencing the gusto of Vietnamese gourmet collection, rich heritage, and passionate hospitality. The event will be running from October 1, 2018, to October 7, 2018, encompassing all aspects of a gourmet tour from food and wine tasting to cooking classes, meeting the renowned chefs and enjoying the devilishly delicious cuisine.


Metropole Master Chefs

Introducing the specialties from the kitchens of the star chefs- Jacques Pourcel, Craig Wilson, Alain Caron, Stephane Bonnat, Jean Baptiste Natali, Patrick Jeforey, Didier Corlou, Thierry Drapeau, Angela Brown, Aurelien Houguet, Paul Smart and Nguyen Thanh Van, Metropole Culinary Stars gala event will not only be introducing Vietnamese cuisine platter but will keep authentic intercontinental dishes and drinks from specific countries on its tray to evoke a sense of international fusion flavours in Vietnam.

Check out the detailed EVENT PLAN

This very special gastronomy program by the Michelin Star Chefs in Hanoi is undoubtedly a great way of welcoming international travelers and food connoisseurs to experience a culinary affair of its kind where legends are more passionate to share the culinary stories derived from their experiences and travel memories. Culinary art is highly in vogue complemented by fusion taste. This is also an important part of this culinary program, and hence Scottish dinner from far away Europe will be on the dinner table to tantalize the tastes of Hanoi.

Culinary Tour Vietnam- Innovative Way Towards Destination Marketing

In today’s date, culinary experience has become an integral part of tourism for any destination as food is often considered as a basic identity of a country, its culture, and traditions. Dining is not the ultimate focus for today’s luxury travelers; they are more focused towards an immersive experience that starts from the folklores and information about the origin of each local preparation and its journey through ages. So most of the leading destination management companies use food tourism as one of the innovative ways to welcome their guests. For example, Australia Tourism Department has their official Instagram page to highlight their must-see destinations along with culinary stops to provide detailed information to the travelers and let them customize their trips accordingly.

Culinary Tour Vietnam

According to a survey by the World Food Travel Association, 25% of the total tourists participated in the survey mentioned that they were interested in local cuisine when visiting a country. Based on another report by the World Tourism Organisation in 2017, 87% of the travel agents considered food as an important factor for each destination, and 82% agreed that food tourism is very highly significant for the growth and development of tourism in today’s date.

Vietnam is pretty ahead in this race of culinary tourism in Southeast Asia although Thailand is in the leading position. Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association has been officially launched in 2017 and the organization is working on a well-planned agenda to preserve and promote authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the global platform to attract more international tourists. According to Mr. Ky, one of the leaders of Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association, “Promoting cuisine culture will help us to promote cultural and tourism development. We need to develop a plan to promote Vietnamese food overseas.”

Culinary Tour Vietnam with Luxury Travel Ltd.

luxury travel vietnam

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is one of the valued hospitality partners of Luxury Travel. The company always allows its first class sophisticated travelers to experience the French art de Vivre in Metropole Hanoi while getting indulged in its ultimate luxury, comfort, and opulence. The culinary tour Vietnam programs offered by Luxury Travel Vietnam for its luxury travelers generally includes food and wine tasting as well as an outdoor garden cooking class with a renowned Michelin chef from the grand kitchen of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. However, this culinary event, Metropole Culinary Stars is an ostentatious celebration for all connoisseurs and special interest travelers looking for an immersive culinary tour encompassing all segments of Vietnamese cuisine as well as continental preparations and let the guests savor the fusion taste as well as a taste of authenticity.

Luxury Travel Ltd. is an award-winning destination management company based in Vietnam and is always on the journey of designing tailor-made trips for its discerning travelers, considering their special interests. Each of its masterclass tours is designed to meet all the desires of today’s sophisticated travelers. Culinary tour Vietnam is one of the specialties of Luxury Travel Vietnam and it has mastered the art of crafting the most desired tailor-made food tour for its guests through its well-established network of This is the reason why Metropole Culinary Stars program is of much importance to Luxury Travel Vietnam as it opens the gateway of complete indulgence in gourmet tour from tasting a wide range of food and cocktails to cooking sessions and meeting the masterclass Michelin chefs. To get your appointments for Metropole Culinary Stars along with experiencing an immersive culinary tour across North, Central and South Vietnam to relish the distinctive flavors of each region, contact Luxury Travel Vietnam.

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