Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour- New Indochina Discovery Through French Colonial & Historic Vestiges

How about traversing through the cities that your ancestors had developed and ruled decades ago in Indochina? Walk amidst the tree-lined boulevard and series of colonial buildings and cherish the essence of nostalgia evoking from every corner. Cuddling on the Indochina Peninsula with centuries-old history, legends and heritage, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are the iconic witnesses of French Indochina. Many travelers to these far east nations look for an immersive Indochina tour that unveils the historic French Indochina era, reconnects to the lost heritage, and culture and sometimes rediscovers the ancestral remnants for some. Sensing this travel need of today’s luxury travelers, Luxury Travel Vietnam has introduced a new Indochina discovery expedition through French Colonial and Historic Vestiges in this Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour.

Vietnam cambodia laos tour french colonial heritage luxury travel vietnam

Highlights of Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour

Vietnam- The Soul of Colonial Memory and Ancient Heritage


Long Bien Bridge Hanoi luxury travel vietnam

An epic exploration of Indochina through the hidden corners, this Indochina tour includes all French colonial destinations coupled with scenic landscapes and authentic cultural visits to historic sites. The highlights of this Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour start from the artistic and intellectual capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. The city beholds culture, traditions, spiritual beliefs and architectural elegance from the ancient era. In 2010, Hanoi celebrated its 1000 years. Delving into its heritage and people is a great way to experience the authentic feel of Hanoi. Complementing the age-old heritage and colonial aura, Luxury Travel Vietnam offers dinner and night stay at a high end French colonial villa restaurant and hotel. A statement of sheer elegance and nostalgia, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, a 5-star luxury hotel delivers the best essence of French colonial and historic vestiges in its heritage atmosphere.

Halong Bay Region

North Vietnam tour is never completed without Halong Bay exploration. Designed with an innovative idea to reconnect with the forgotten memory of French colonization and historic vestiges, the boutique-styled Heritage Cruises, and the ultra-luxurious Emperor Cruises set sail through the karst landscape of Halong Bay to unveil the mesmerizing view of thousands of limestone rocks jutting out of the sea. Onboard, the guests will be able to touch, feel and admire the bygone centuries of Vietnam through a grand collection of books, photographs, paintings, and many antique pieces. An overnight luxury cruising through Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay unveils many unknown episodes from the past.

Hue – Hoi An

Hoi An Heritage Town Vietnam

En route to the imperial capital of Vietnam, discover the Forbidden City of Vietnam. The city witnessed the pompous and grandeur of the last royal kingdom of Vietnam. Exploring the Imperial Citadel and admiring its inherent beauty emphasizing Vietnamese arts and architecture are not enough to cherish the splendor of Nguyen dynasty and hence a grand dinner in a royal style is a must-have. Unlike the regal charm and majestic remnants of Hue, its neighboring town Hoi An is a simple yet charismatic ancient port town and the most iconic specimen of French colonization.

Drenched in yellow-ochre colored colonial buildings, Hoi An is not only a French colonial town but also beholds the 200-year old ancient colonization heritages of China and Japan. This UNESCO World Heritage Site cuddling on the bank of the river is also known as the lantern town. The guests will love walking down the meandering alleys, beautified with lanterns, coffee shops, and eye-soothing architecture all around.

Ho Chi Minh City – Mekong Delta

ho chi minh city tour luxury travel vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City evokes a perfect blend of western urbanization along with its war-torn recent past. Probably, Ho Chi Minh City is the best site to learn about the war history of the country. The city is completely adorned with fine examples of French architecture and often considered as one of the best cities in Vietnam to learn about French colonization era.

Contrary to the cruising experience in North Vietnam, South Vietnam offers a completely different beauty while cruising the mighty Mekong River. The luxury cruise navigates through the small estuaries to pass by the floating villages, 19th century Mandarin House, local factories and religious monuments to bring the guests close to the locals and their daily livelihood.

Cambodia- The Creativity of Khmer Kingdom

Cambodia Bayon Temple

Angor Wat is an inseparable name from Cambodia. Angkor Wat is not only the largest religious monument in the world but also boasts about its unique characteristics, which are otherwise almost impossible to find elsewhere. It features the longest continuous bas-relief in the world, which runs along the outer gallery walls and narrates stories from Hindu mythology. Angkor Thom or The Great City is in some ways even more spectacular than the colossal Angkor Wat, as it is almost hidden behind the natural ornaments of the jungle. The famous Bayon Temple is unique for its 54 towers bejeweled with more than 200 smiling faces of Avolokitesvara. Besides all these magnificent architecture and expert craftsmanship from the 11th century, Siem Reap also offers two unmissable experiences- a romantic sunset view from Bakheng hill and the fascinating Apsara dance reflecting the beguiling aura of Angkor heritage.

Laos- Sleeping Beauty of Indochina

laos culture tour

Step into a world still in its 20th century evoking a sense of peace, harmony and pristine beauty. Luang Prabang, the ancient first capital of the Lane Xang kingdom, and the center of religious life in Laos is today a World Heritage City. The city is beautified with gilded temples, French colonial buildings, imperial heritages of Indochina and the early morning rituals of saffron-clad monks collecting offerings of alms from the faithful residents. Experiencing every bit of Laotian culture and heritage is a lifetime experience to be treasured forever.

Complemented by a heritage accommodation at Burasari Heritage, the luxury hotel adds an extra bit to experience the Laotian past. The sweeping beauty of Laos and its unknown mysterious charms in the Pak Ou Cave, Khouangsi Waterfall and the local livelihood, traditions and legends in and around are some of the unique highlights to experience the French colonial and historic vestiges of Laos.

French Colonial and Historic Vestiges in Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour

Luxury Travel Vietnam introduces this one of its kind Indochina tour through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos for the discerning travelers looking for authentic experience in cultural Indochina tour. 100% private and tailor-made, this long haul multi-country tour offers the best of personalized and luxury services to design the best travel memories. The aesthetics of this tour revolve around the traditionally enriched sites that reflect the in-depth heritage of ancient Indochinese civilization and French colonization.

Interested in discovering the ancient past of Indochina? Get in touch with Luxury Travel Ltd. and plan your dream Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour.

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