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Welcome to The Lux Group

The Lux Group, an award-winning Asian group with more than 20 years’ experience in the travel and hospitality sectors.

Our vision

Asia’s leading luxury travel and tourism company, hospitality, food and beverage provider, and cruise operator.

Our Mission

For our Customers: To provide special experiences. For our Employees: To grow both personally and professionally

Our core values

#Touchinghearts is a philosophy that motivates and drives the Lux group to grow continuously.

Our partners

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together. We travel with our partners sharing a long term-vision

The Lux Story

From just one person in 2004, our founder Pham Ha, with many years’ experience in the tourism industry

Our People

The Lux Group was built to last using the 5Ps: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Profit. Our own people make the Lux Group shine
History of Lux Group

Our Lux Story

From just one person in 2004, our founder Pham Ha, with many years’ experience in the tourism industry, one laptop and one company, and a passion to provide unique travel experiences to luxury travellers to Vietnam, the Lux Group now has a range of brands with 200 staff, rep offices on five continents, and investments in a variety of businesses such as luxury cruises, transportation, real estate, restaurants, hotels and resorts, and art auctions in Vietnam and Asia. The entrepreneur, Pham Ha, and the Lux Group have won numerous prestigious travel awards.

Our Clients

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Our Projects

We have many brilliant ideas and are inviting investment in our new projects, such as cruise ships, hotels and resorts, real estate, and acquisitions opportunities.

Luxury Travel
Adventura Travel
Emperor Cruises
Secret Hideaways 
Discover Halong
Pham Luc Museum

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We help more than 2,000 global clients

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