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After Rebranding, LuxGroup To Build A Culture of Ownership for Luxers and Promote Luxury Bespoke Outbound Tours

Hanoi, March 11, 2023 – LuxGroup, the renowned luxury travel company based in Vietnam, announces its strategic rebranding to consolidate its diverse portfolio of travel brands under one umbrella. The parent company, LuxGroup JSC, will now encompass a dynamic mix of both established and new travel brands, marking a significant milestone in the company’s evolution.

Luxury Travel Vietnam, founded by visionary CEO Founder Pham Ha in 2005, will retain its prominent position within the LuxGroup. Renamed as Lux Travel Dmc, the brand will continue to resonate with its loyal clientele through its iconic slogan and unwavering focus on delivering exceptional experiences. The accomplished executive, Doan Van, will continue to lead Lux Travel Dmc as its Managing Director.

The Secret Hideaway, Luxury Travel, Lux Travel Dmc, Adventura Travel, Lux Mice, Luxtransco, and other renowned travel entities will now come together to form a cohesive and unified LuxGroup.

Pham Ha, the driving force behind LuxGroup, emphasized that all brands under the LuxGroup umbrella would share a common vision and commitment to people, planet, and profit. He emphasized, “We aim to #deliverhappiness with Passion, Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit. LuxGroup is not just a collection of brands, but a community of like-minded individuals striving for excellence.”

Investing in Tourism, Agriculture, and Information Technology, LuxGroup is poised to become one of Vietnam’s leading private economic groups, combining the strengths of its various entities to create a powerful and innovative network.

LuxGroup envisions empowering its entrepreneurs with the freedom to innovate while providing essential leadership and resources to ensure their success. Drawing upon two decades of experience in the luxury travel industry, LuxGroup seeks to collaborate with partners who share their values and ambitions.

“All LuxGroup brands will uphold our core values of authenticity, uniqueness, and immersion. Our guests can expect impassioned discovery, a human touch, and an empowered ownership experience,” said Pham Ha.

The rebranding presents an excellent opportunity for investors and individuals who share a passion for travel, tourism, yachts, cruises, hospitality, and arts to partner with LuxGroup in realizing meaningful, efficient, and sustainable ventures.

Pham Ha emphasized the importance of attracting investors to invest in cruise ships and yachts under the Vietnamese Lux Cruises Brand, fostering growth and development in the region’s maritime industry.

With a robust infrastructure and a global presence, LuxGroup boasts a team of 250 dedicated staff and representative offices on five continents. The company’s diverse investments span luxury cruises, transportation, real estate, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and art auctions in Vietnam and Asia.

Having earned numerous prestigious travel awards, including the esteemed World Travel Awards, both Pham Ha and LuxGroup are recognized leaders in the luxury travel industry.

LuxGroup looks forward to continuing its commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences and redefining luxury travel standards in Vietnam and beyond.

LuxGroup’s corporate culture is built on a foundation of excellence, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. With a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and services, LuxGroup fosters a culture that values teamwork, integrity, and continuous improvement.

At LuxGroup, employees are encouraged to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and challenge the status quo. Innovation is highly valued, and employees are empowered to take risks and embrace creativity in their work. This culture of innovation drives the company to constantly seek new ways to enhance the travel and hospitality industry.

Integrity is at the core of LuxGroup’s corporate culture. The company believes in doing business ethically and maintaining transparency in all its operations. Employees are expected to uphold the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and respect in their interactions with customers, partners, and colleagues.

Teamwork is another important aspect of LuxGroup’s culture. Collaboration and cooperation are encouraged, as the company recognizes that the collective efforts of its employees are what enable it to achieve its goals. LuxGroup fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment where diverse perspectives are valued and teamwork is celebrated.

Continuous improvement is a fundamental principle of LuxGroup’s corporate culture. The company promotes a growth mindset, encouraging employees to constantly learn, develop their skills, and strive for excellence. Regular training programs, performance feedback, and opportunities for professional growth are provided to empower employees to reach their full potential.

Overall, LuxGroup’s corporate culture reflects its commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity, teamwork, and continuous improvement. It is a culture that drives the company’s success and ensures that it remains a leader in the travel and hospitality industry.

Note to Editors:
LuxGroup (JSC LuxGroup) is a leading luxury travel company headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Founded in 2005, it is renowned for its exceptional and immersive travel experiences across Asia. LuxGroup’s portfolio includes Luxury Travel, Lux Travel Dmc, Adventura Travel, Lux Mice, Luxtransco, and The Secret Hideaway, among others. The company is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism, investing in various industries, and partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations to shape the future of travel.

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