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Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong: A Majestic Retreat for Couples

Set sail on the voyage of a lifetime, where every moment is a royal indulgence.


As our tender glided towards Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong, we were met with a symphony of excitement – the staff, dressed in regal attire, were there to welcome us with waving flags, rhythmic drumbeats, and a refreshing welcome drink.

This was no ordinary arrival; it was the prelude to an extraordinary experience. Following a comprehensive orientation, we were personally escorted to our staterooms. This level of personalized service was a harbinger of the opulent journey that awaited us.

King Suite Cabin – Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong


For our exclusive 3-day, 2-night cruise, we selected the Queen room. Upon entering, it was clear that this was no ordinary cabin – it was a sanctuary of extravagance. Several elements stood out:

Spacious Private Balcony: A sprawling private balcony beckoned us to relish our morning coffee while taking in panoramic views of Halong Bay.
Panoramic Windows: Natural light flooded the room through expansive windows, offering uninterrupted vistas of the ever-changing Halong Bay scenery.

Jacuzzi Tub with a View: A jacuzzi tub with a wall-sized window allowed us to luxuriate in bubbles while being mesmerized by the breathtaking surroundings.
Cloud-Like Bed: The bed was a revelation, akin to sleeping on a heavenly cloud. It was so comfortable that we contemplated extending our stay just to bask in its embrace.

Gourmet Food

For us, dining is an art, and aboard Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong, every meal is a masterpiece. The culinary journey surpassed all expectations – each dish was a symphony of flavors and presentation. The portions were generous, akin to a royal feast. The gastronomic delights alone are reason enough to embark on this cruise again and again.

Visit Fishing Village by Bamboo Boat.


Credit must be given to our adept cruise director, Quang, who orchestrated a series of enchanting activities. The ship remained anchored in a picturesque location, and tenders transported us to various attractions around Halong Bay. This hassle-free arrangement allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the experiences.

Our personal favorite was kayaking, but the bamboo boat ride into a secluded lagoon left an indelible mark on our memories. It was here that we were fortunate enough to witness agile monkeys scaling steep cliffs, a sight so rare and captivating.


While conversing with fellow travelers who had chosen alternative cruise options, we learned of their nightly grievances – loud parties and disturbances from neighboring vessels. Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong, however, had secured the perfect haven, away from the hubbub of the bay. Here, tranquility reigned supreme, allowing us to unwind and savor the peaceful ambiance of Halong Bay.

The onboard spa further heightened our relaxation experience. My wife indulged in a rejuvenating massage, leaving her utterly delighted. It was evident that the ship had mastered the art of relaxation, ensuring that every moment aboard was a soothing retreat.


The true gems of Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong are its staff members. Their unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction is palpable. Fluent in English, they exude warmth, sincerity, and an earnest desire to ensure your every need is met. Each staff member is a testament to the ship’s dedication to providing unparalleled hospitality.

Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong is more than just a cruise; it’s an ascent to royalty. Having explored Ha Long Bay previously, we can unequivocally state that Emperor Cruises takes the crown. From the moment we embarked, we were treated as emperors and empresses, immersed in a dreamy and majestic adventure.

If you seek an experience fit for royalty, don’t hesitate to step aboard Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong – it’s a journey that will forever adorn your memories with regal splendor.

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