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Lux Cruises’s Heritage Bình Chuẩn: Vote for World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2023!

Heritage Cruises Bình Chuẩn has been nominated for the World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2023 award, which recognizes the best boutique cruise line in the world. The cruise ship draws inspiration from the Bình Chuẩn vessel, designed by Vietnamese entrepreneur Bạch Thái Bưởi, which was the largest ship in Vietnam in the early 20th century.

One of the unique features of Heritage Cruises Bình Chuẩn is its onboard art exhibition, featuring hundreds of original artworks by renowned Vietnamese artist Phạm Lực, often referred to as the “Picasso of Vietnam.” The cruise ship offers a cultural and artistic experience, immersing guests in the distinctive Indochinese style of the 1930s.

Heritage Cruises Bình Chuẩn not only revives the beautiful memories of the legendary “King of Ships” in Vietnam from a century ago but also allows passengers to explore Lan Ha Bay, one of the most stunning bays in the world, with its crystal-clear emerald waters and numerous dreamlike islands and beaches.

In the past, Heritage Cruises Bình Chuẩn has received several awards both nationally and internationally. Notably, it was honored with the “Best of The Best” award by international travelers on TripAdvisor, which evaluates various strict criteria such as service, experience, amenities, satisfaction, and quality.

The boutique cruise ship prides itself on being the first boutique-style vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin, featuring an artistic and meticulously designed space down to the smallest detail. The cruises focus on privacy and create an intimate atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for heritage-loving travelers.

A boutique cruise ship typically offers a range of features such as luxurious dining experiences, lavish accommodations, personalized services, and unique activities or excursions. It often caters to specific interests or themes, such as cultural exploration, adventure, or relaxation, with the aim of providing customized and immersive experiences in visited destinations.

The term “boutique” borrowed from the retail industry refers to small, unique, and specialized stores that offer distinctive products.

Phạm Hà, Chairman of the Board and CEO of LuxGroup, the company that owns Heritage Cruises Bình Chuẩn, emphasizes the importance of providing comfort and respecting the privacy of passengers. Despite its spacious area of thousands of square meters, the cruise ship only features 20 luxury cabins and accommodates around 40 passengers per voyage.

With visionary leadership, entrepreneur Phạm Hà has led the company in introducing dozens of heritage ships along the Vietnamese coastline, fulfilling his childhood dream of showcasing the country’s beauty from north to south.

An ocean-going cruise line that offers impeccable service and facilities on-board small to medium cruise ships, offering unique shore excursions to remote destinations.

According to Phạm Hà, the past achievements of Lux Cruises Group, as well as the nomination for the World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2023 award, are a testament to his and his team’s relentless dedication to providing attractive and unique experiences for travelers.

Chris Frost, Managing Director, World Cruise Awards, says: “The cruise industry is growing exponentially post pandemic, with a multitude of new cruise ship launches, new cruise destinations and ports undergoing expansion programmes. It is incredibly exciting to see some of the new developments and innovation sweeping our industry, and World Cruise Awards looks forward to showcasing the organisations leading our industry to new heights.”

World Cruise Awards – the global initiative to recognise, reward and celebrate excellence in the global cruise sector – has opened voting for its inaugural programme. Industry professionals, as well as media and consumers, are invited to vote for their favourite cruise brands.

The voting for the “World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2023” award takes place from June 14 to September 15, 2023. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held in Dubai on October 15, 2023. In addition to Heritage Cruises Bình Chuẩn, six other entities have been nominated this year, including Azamara, Winstar, Viking, Star Clippers, Ponant, and Sea Cloud.

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