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LuxGroup: A Holding Company for Sustainable Investment in Tourism, Agriculture, and Information Technology

LuxGroup: A Holding Company for Sustainable Investment in Tourism, Agriculture, and Information Technology

Founded by Dr. Pham Ha, LuxGroup is a distinguished conglomerate with over two decades of expertise in tourism, travel, cruises, yachts, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and art auctions across Vietnam and Asia.

Known as a group of “small giants,” LuxGroup has earned numerous accolades for its commitment to excellence and innovation in delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. #DeliveringHappiness Passion, Purpose, People, Planet, Place, Profit, Partnership, and Prosperity

LuxGroup is an industry thought leader and an entrepreneurial-spirited holding company, accelerating growth and sustainability in travel, tourism, hospitality, F&B, yacht, cruise, agrotourism, arts, and IT ventures in Asia. As a group of small giants, LuxGroup partners in a synergistic collection of ventures.

Our experienced team adds value to these ventures by leveraging decades of expertise with a relentless focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.


We empower the owners of our brands, along with their employees, to pursue their own success. This empowerment fosters innovative thinking, a focus on efficiency, and a drive for results. We act as guardians to all of our brands, providing expertise and leadership as necessary.

Leveraging Best Practices in SUSTAINABILITY EXPERTISE

Adhering to the framework of the UN Sustainability Goals and criteria set by the Global Sustainability Tourism Council, we employ best practices across our business ventures.

Providing Keen and Nimble MANAGEMENT ADVISORY

We diligently offer strategic management advice to business unit leaders and assemble, convene, and lead effective boards for these units—to foster a culture of success.

Recognition and Encouragement of EMPOWERED TEAMS

A cornerstone of our success is a team of motivated individuals who excel in their fields, possess a driven attitude, and are fully aligned with our vision and culture.

Unity is Strength in GROUP SUCCESS

Success breeds success—by actively sharing best practices across business units, we not only inspire and ideate but also reinforce LuxGroup’s value proposition effectively.

Work Hard, Play Hard in VALUES-BASED FUN

Fun is integral to our organization’s ethos, enabling leaders and teams to handle the pressures of hard work, stay energized, enjoy the journey, and maintain perspective.

Experiential Travel and Hospitality is ALL ABOUT PASSION

Although difficult to quantify, passion is crucial for success, fueling persistent effort in all our endeavors. Discover more at

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