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LuxGroup: Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Luxury Travel

LuxGroup: Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Luxury Travel

In the vibrant landscape of Vietnam’s tourism industry, one name stands out for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence: Dr. Pham Ha, the Founder and CEO of LuxGroup. With over two decades of experience in the field, Dr. Pham Ha has carved a path of innovation and responsibility, transforming LuxGroup ( into a beacon of sustainable practices within the tourism and cruising industry in Vietnam.

From humble beginnings in 2005, Dr. Pham Ha embarked on a journey fueled by passion, armed with just a laptop and a vision to provide unparalleled travel experiences to luxury travelers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Over the years, LuxGroup has evolved into a multifaceted enterprise, specializing in luxury tourism, travel, transportation, cruises, yachts, art auctions, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and real estate projects.

Inspired by the rich heritage of Vietnam’s coastline and the legendary cruise ship King Bạch Thái Bưởi, Dr. Pham Ha’s childhood dream of exploring these waters has become a reality through Lux Cruises Group ( With a vision to deploy 30 cruise ships on Vietnamese waters, Lux Cruises aims to cater to heritage travelers seeking to immerse themselves in Vietnam’s cultural and natural treasures.

Central to LuxGroup’s ethos is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the interconnectedness of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and workplace excellence, Dr. Pham Ha has positioned LuxGroup as a leading sustainable employer in the tourism and cruising industry. With rep offices on five continents and investments spanning luxury cruises, transportation, real estate, restaurants, hotels and resorts, and art auctions, LuxGroup has set a precedent for sustainable business practices in Vietnam and Asia.

At the heart of LuxGroup’s sustainability initiatives lies its mission to promote responsible tourism practices that respect and preserve the environment while uplifting local communities. Through its various brands, including Luxury Travel (, Lux Travel DMC, Lux Cruises Group with two brands: Emperor Cruises and Heritage Cruises, and others, LuxGroup cultivates awareness about sustainability and actively engages customers, travel partners, and local communities in building a sustainable society.

Lux Travel DMC ( recently received the Travelife Partner Sustainability Awards 2024 at ITB Berlin, underscoring its dedication to sustainability management. From appointing dedicated employees to oversee sustainability initiatives to promoting human rights and social security systems within the workplace, LuxGroup exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainability.

In its pursuit of environmental responsibility, LuxGroup minimizes resource consumption, waste generation, and pollution, while promoting eco-friendly transportation options and supporting the preservation of local historical and cultural sites. Moreover, LuxGroup prioritizes accommodations managed by locals, collaborates with sustainable partners, and ensures high-quality guidance for travelers through comprehensive training for guides and adherence to local laws and regulations.

Through its continuous improvement efforts, LuxGroup stays abreast of emerging sustainability trends and technologies, reviewing and updating its sustainability policy regularly to minimize its environmental footprint and preserve cultural heritage. By adhering to this sustainability policy, LuxGroup aims to create a sustainable and responsible travel experience for all stakeholders, setting a benchmark for luxury travel worldwide.

In the realm of luxury travel, Dr. Pham Ha and LuxGroup stand as shining examples of how innovation, passion, and sustainability can converge to create a brighter, more responsible future for the tourism industry. As they continue to lead the charge towards sustainable luxury travel, their legacy of excellence and stewardship will inspire generations to come.

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