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LuxGroup Receives Prestigious Three Nominations at the Inaugural WSTHA Awards

LuxGroup Receives Prestigious Three Nominations at the Inaugural WSTHA Awards

Celebrating 20 Years of Sustainable Excellence in Tourism, LuxGroup has been nominated for world’s leading sustainable organization, leader, and initiative innovations.

Hanoi, Vietnam – LuxGroup, a pioneering leader in sustainable tourism, proudly announces its three nominations at the inaugural World Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Awards (WSTHA). This historic recognition comes as LuxGroup marks its 20th anniversary, highlighting two decades of unwavering commitment to advancing Net Positive Hospitality for people, planet, place, and prosperity.

Expanding Global Influence in Sustainability

Dr. Pham Ha, founder and CEO of LuxGroup, expressed his pride and gratitude, stating, “In a significant move that underscores our expanding global influence and commitment to sustainability in Asia, we are proud to receive three nominations at the inaugural WSTHA Awards. This historic announcement, made during our 20th-anniversary celebrations, marks a new chapter in our mission to advance Net Positive Hospitality for people, planet, place, and prosperity.”

LuxGroup’s Commitment to Sustainability

Since its inception in 2004, LuxGroup has evolved from a modest start-up into a robust conglomerate encompassing luxury travel, tourism, and cruises. Throughout this journey, LuxGroup has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, cultural preservation, and community empowerment.

“For LuxGroup, sustainability is not just a choice; it is a necessity,” emphasized Dr. Pham Ha. “We have launched the LuxGroup Foundation to celebrate and share the stories of individuals and organizations accelerating change and making impactful contributions to sustainable travel and tourism.”

Leading Sustainability Leader: LuxGroup’s Visionary Approach to Environmental and Cultural Stewardship

LuxGroup has long been synonymous with sustainability and cultural preservation in the tourism sector. Under Dr. Pham Ha’s visionary leadership, LuxGroup has distinguished itself through its strong ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ethos. This philosophy drives its efforts to support local employment, empower communities, and foster economic and social growth. For the first time proudly, Dr. Pham Ha has been nominated for World’s Leading Sustainability Leader.

The narrative of LuxGroup is deeply intertwined with Vietnam’s rich heritage, notably through the legacy of Bạch Thái Bưởi (1874-1932), known as Vietnam’s “King of Cruise Ships.” This connection not only enriches LuxGroup’s offerings but also emphasizes its commitment to cultural preservation.

Recognitions and Accolades

LuxGroup’s dedication to sustainability has earned it numerous accolades, including the Travelife Partner Sustainability Award 2024 and the Sustainability of Luxury Lifestyle Award. These awards are testaments to its enduring commitment to eco-friendly practices, including significant initiatives like the Zero Plastic campaign, which underscores its dedication to environmental protection and societal well-being.

Innovative Waste Management Practices

A cornerstone of LuxGroup’s mission is its innovative approach to waste management, particularly in plastic waste. LuxGroup has implemented comprehensive waste reduction strategies, setting new benchmarks in sustainable tourism. These efforts exemplify its leadership in promoting environmental stewardship and responsible tourism practices.

Future Vision and Expansion

Looking forward, LuxGroup aims to expand its influence by increasing its fleet of yachts and cruises and extending its reach into other Asian markets by 2045. This expansion is not just about growth but also about setting new benchmarks in sustainable tourism. The company’s vision includes leveraging cultural heritage tourism, especially through the stories of historical figures like Bạch Thái Bưởi, to enhance and differentiate its travel experiences.

Collaborative Strategies and Community Engagement

LuxGroup’s collaborative strategies with community groups, NGOs, and businesses amplify its impact, creating a robust model for sustainable tourism. Through initiatives like Crafting History Through Art and environmental conservation projects like Water Tanks, Solar Lighting for Ethnic Minorities, and Save Vooc Langur Cat Ba, LuxGroup not only preserves local heritage but also promotes ethical business practices.

LuxGroup’s Dr. Pham Ha, Chairman and CEO, brings heritage stories to life with Amiral Cruises for Presidents, highlighting the great leader Ho Chi Minh’s legendary voyage to France in 1911 for patriotism.

Emperor Cruises, inspired by the last emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai, and the made-in-Vietnam Heritage Binh Chuan, inspired by the King of Cruise Ships in the early 20th century, feature a heritage-inspired aesthetic. These cruises celebrate 100 years of Hai Phong’s Binh Chuan maritime history, offering voyages along the coast of Vietnam.

Vote for Your Favourite Nominee at the World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards

Cast Your Vote

From 18 June until 2 August 2024 midnight (UTC+1), you have the opportunity to cast your vote for your favourite nominee in the World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards. Make your voice heard and support the individuals and organizations driving sustainable practices in travel and hospitality.

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Gala Ceremony

The 1st annual World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards Gala Ceremony will be hosted in Lamanai, Belize on 27 September 2024. Join us in celebrating the pioneers of sustainable tourism in this stunning setting.


LuxGroup’s comprehensive approach to integrating environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic vitality sets a formidable example for the tourism industry worldwide. Through education, engagement, and partnership, LuxGroup is championing a culture of responsibility and care, steering the global tourism industry towards a more sustainable and culturally enriched future.

For more information about LuxGroup and its sustainability initiatives, please visit LuxGroup.

About LuxGroup

LuxGroup is a leading conglomerate in the luxury travel, tourism, and cruise industry. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Pham Ha, LuxGroup is committed to delivering happiness through its sustainable and culturally enriching experiences. With a strong focus on ESG principles, LuxGroup continues to innovate and lead in the global tourism sector.

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