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Pioneering Luxury Travel & Beyond, LuxGroup’s Choice is to Be The Best, not Biggest

Pioneering Luxury Travel & Beyond, LuxGroup’s Choice is to Be The Best, not Biggest

LuxGroup, founded in 2005 by Dr. Pham Ha, stands at the forefront of luxury travel and tourism in Asia, with a keen focus on Vietnam’s rich heritage. Embracing a vision to elevate Vietnam on the global stage, it operates across luxury travel, hospitality, and cruises, while investing in Tourism, Agriculture, and IT.

Championing values of kindness, happiness, and unique luxury experiences, LuxGroup combines innovation with sustainability, aiming to redefine luxury travel. With flagship brands like Lux Travel DMC and Lux Cruises Group, LuxGroup not only promises unparalleled experiences but also contributes significantly to Vietnam’s economic and cultural prominence.

Our Visio

At LuxGroup, we aspire to be Asia’s foremost leader in luxury travel, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, and cruise operations. Through strategic investments in Tourism, Agriculture, and Information Technology, we aim to emerge as one of Vietnam’s top private economic powerhouses.

Our Mission

Embarked on a perpetual voyage with the startup spirit and guided by the Blue Ocean Strategy, our mission is to unveil Vietnam and its people to the world – past and present. We are committed to elevating the value of Vietnam’s heritage, offering authentic and unique travel experiences that resonate globally.

Our Core Values

Doing Business with Kindness: At the heart of LuxGroup’s operations is a profound kindness in all dealings.
#DeliveringHappiness and #TouchingHearts:

This philosophy is the driving force behind LuxGroup’s continuous growth, inspiring us to create unforgettable experiences.

Luxury – World-Class – Unique Differences: We pledge to offer unparalleled luxury, world-class standards, and distinct uniqueness in all our services and products.

Our Partners

Believing in the wisdom, “If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together,” LuxGroup cherishes partnerships based on shared, long-term visions, ensuring mutual success and enduring journeys.

The Lux Story

Founded in 2005 by Pham Ha, a visionary with extensive experience in the tourism industry, LuxGroup started as a single dream and has flourished into a beacon of innovation and luxury.

Our People

Powered by the 5Ps: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit, our dedicated team is the essence of LuxGroup’s brilliance, embodying our values and driving our mission forward.

20 Years of Innovations

From a single visionary to a conglomerate of excellence, LuxGroup celebrates two decades of relentless innovation and growth.

Our Brands: A Collection of Small Giants

Lux Travel DMC: The go-to MICE, DMC, and Inbound Tour Operator, creating customized, unforgettable travel experiences.

Luxury Travel: A premier Domestic and Outbound Luxury Tour Operator, crafting exclusive journeys.

Lux Cruises Group: Vietnam’s First Boutique Cruise Line™, offering intimate and luxurious sea voyages.

Adventura Travel: For those seeking adventure, our brand caters to both soft and hard adventure travel.

Secret Hideaways: A project by Lux Hotels & Resorts, offering secluded luxury escapes.

Discover Vietnam Magazine: Your premier guide to the country, powered by our in-depth knowledge of destination management.

The Lux Yacht Collection: Part of Lux Cruises Group, setting sail along Vietnam’s enchanting coast.

LUX Hotels and Resorts: A collection of boutique hotels, where luxury meets authenticity.

LUXTRANSCO: Our own luxury transportation fleet, ensuring comfortable and stylish journeys.

Join Us

LuxGroup is on a perpetual quest for excellence, constantly seeking new ideas and investment opportunities to expand our horizons. From cruise ships to hotels and resorts, real estate to acquisitions, we invite you to be part of our journey towards setting new standards in luxury travel and beyond.

Discover the Lux Difference. Discover Luxury Redefined.

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