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The Power of Kindness in Thank You Economy

The Power of Kindness in Thank You Economy

In the pursuit of conscientious and successful business, like a guiding star in elevating the status, LuxGroup Corporation takes its culture as the driving force for sustainable economic development in the tourism industry.

The Chairman and CEO of LuxGroup Corporation, Mr. Pham Ha, asserts the highest commitment to sustainability in all aspects of the company’s operations, delivering value, employee and customer happiness, social responsibility, and sustainable management.

Through unwavering determination, persistence, and sustainable practices, LuxGroup and its dedicated team overcame significant challenges when the entire tourism ecosystem, including travel, cruises, transportation, hotels, and restaurants, was severely impacted. While many had to close their doors, LuxGroup continued to operate and welcomed high-end domestic customers and was the first corporation to welcome international guests back to Vietnam on March 15, 2022, following the pandemic. This showcased LuxGroup’s internal strength, rapid recovery, and its position as a leader in luxury travel, earning the WTA Travel Oscars recognition as Asia’s top travel company in 2023.

One of LuxGroup’s long-term goals to ensure sustainable growth is a focus on sustainable tourism. Chairman Pham Ha recently mentioned the goal to implement sustainability across the organization, conforming to ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as the Travelife sustainable tourism standard from Europe.

The first step to achieve this goal is to implement sustainable standards in operations, according to Mr. Pham Ha. To earn this certification, Lux Travel DMC must adhere to 180 standards, encompassing environmental issues like waste and wastewater, as well as social and management aspects, such as how they treat employees and engage with the community.

This commitment to sustainability has been a cornerstone of LuxGroup’s 20 years of operation. Mr. Pham Ha’s ultimate vision for tourism is not just about generating profit for investors, but about bringing prosperity to the social community, providing value to customers, creating a better place for residents, and offering a more appealing destination for visitors.

This vision is evident in LuxGroup’s travel products, which blend high-end services with the natural beauty of Vietnam’s most beautiful coastlines, elevate heritage, and offer cultural exploration tours, traditional village life experiences, fine dining, and meticulous regional cuisine preparation without losing the unique flavors of each region.

“We offer cruises inspired by cultural and historical heritage. Our goal is not to sell accommodations but to sell exceptional experiences, to tell stories of cultural heritage, architecture, art, and the era of the 1930s, honoring the people of Vietnam, both past and present. We build products that showcase the luxury service of the Vietnamese people while also encompassing the beauty of nature and community,” says Mr. Pham Ha.

Now, travel is all about experiences and memories. Whether traveling within the country or abroad or on the group’s cruise ships across the nation, guests are treated with kindness, heartfelt service, high personalization, and a commitment to making them happy, just like a shopping experience with LuxGroup. The company is the first in Vietnam to declare 100% customer satisfaction across the board.

To create travel products that encompass wonderful and emotional experiences, LuxGroup’s key players, known as “luxers,” are essential. According to Mr. Pham Ha, what sets these individuals apart is their kindness.

“Our mission is to bring happiness through passion, purpose, people, sustainability, and profit. We place people at the center, with customers following closely behind. Luxers treat customers with the same luxury and care that customers desire. The LuxGroup family believes in kindness towards customers, colleagues, and the surrounding community,” shares Chairman Pham Ha.

This kindness is nurtured through respect, inspiration, listening, understanding, opportunities for advancement, and opportunities for a better life, which always remain open. This is why many individuals at LuxGroup have remained committed to the organization’s core values, mission, and vision of “bringing happiness” and “continuing to touch customers’ emotions,” as Chairman Pham Ha puts it.

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