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Sustainable Investment Strategy and Signature Product Development

Sustainable Investment Strategy and Signature Product Development

At LuxGroup, we integrate investment strategy with the creation of innovative signature products, embodying a business philosophy centered on kindness and #DeliveringHappiness. Our approach is built on seven core principles: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet, Profit, Partnership, and Prosperity.

About LuxGroup

Founded by Dr. Pham Ha, LuxGroup is an award-winning consortium of specialized niche companies. As a recognized thought leader in luxury and entrepreneurial ventures, LuxGroup functions as a holding company that drives growth and sustainability in various sectors, including Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, F&B, Yacht, Cruise, Agrotourism, Arts, and IT throughout Asia.

Our Mission

LuxGroup acts as a collective of ‘small giants,’ synergizing a network of ventures to enhance people’s experiences and happiness. Our seasoned team leverages decades of expertise in these ventures, focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

Empowered Ownership

We empower the owners of our brands and their employees to forge their own paths to success. This empowerment encourages innovative thinking, operational efficiency, and impactful results, supported by our leadership’s expertise as needed.

Sustainability Expertise

Aligned with the UN Sustainability Goals and the Global Sustainability Tourism Council standards, we implement best practices across our business ventures to promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Management Advisory

We offer strategic management advisory services, meticulously guiding business unit leaders and shaping effective boards to foster a culture of success and continuous improvement.

Empowered Teams

The cornerstone of our success lies in our motivated teams, who possess a strong aptitude and are fully aligned with our vision and culture. This alignment propels our forward momentum.

Group Success

Success in one unit sparks success across the organization. By actively sharing best practices, we not only inspire and innovate but also strengthen LuxGroup’s value proposition.

Values-Based Fun

Fun is essential to our organizational culture, aiding our leaders and teams in managing stress, staying energized, and maintaining perspective amid the challenges of sustained hard work.

Passion in Experiential Travel and Hospitality

Passion is the intangible yet essential ingredient in our success. It fuels our relentless commitment to excellence in every endeavor. To learn more about our passion-driven approach at LuxGroup, visit

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