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The mascot representing LuxGroup

The turtle is the mascot representing LuxGroup and plays a significant role in the corporate culture. Pham Ha, the founder of LuxGroup, chose it to create a spiritual connection between the company and Vietnam’s cultural traditions.

The ancient origin of the turtle has made it a symbol of spirituality and sacredness in many stories and beliefs. Its image is deeply ingrained in Vietnamese cultural forums, expressing reverence for traditional values and honoring the mascot.

The turtle symbolizes wealth, happiness, longevity, and sustainability. The unique blend of traditional and modern cultures in choosing the turtle as the mascot highlights the company’s commitment to preserving and promoting cultural values as a driving force for tourism and economic development.

Seeing the turtle emerging from Hoan Kiem Lake three times during LuxGroup’s events is considered auspicious and lucky, representing the success and progress of the company. As a representative of the water region, the turtle is the only real creature among the Four Sacred Animals to be elevated to a “celestial” status, symbolizing both heaven and earth, and representing wealth and prosperity.

In conclusion, the turtle mascot in LuxGroup ( holds profound cultural significance and is intricately linked to Vietnam’s traditional culture. Choosing the turtle as their mascot also showcases the company’s multi-dimensional and creative approach, leading the way in luxury tourism while elevating heritage on the path of righteousness, virtue, responsibility, ethical business, success, and happiness.

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