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Vietnam’s first boutique cruise line’s ethical business

Vietnam’s first boutique cruise line’s ethical business

Lux Cruises Group focuses on holistic wellness, sustainability, and meaningful experiences. From educating new generations about nutrition to providing better sleep, crafting experiential dishes, and incorporating smart technology, our prioritize well-being. Our commitment extends to partnerships with health authorities, innovative practices, and a refreshing human-centric approach. Rooted in local culture, elevating heritage, the Luxers bring heritage alive, strive for environmental responsibility, believing in doing good from within, and creating places that reconnect people through shared, unique moments.

1. We Educate New Generations.

Because we are never too young to learn about the importance of wellness, our nutritional workshops teach kids how to eat wholesomely and healthily, while keeping the whole family’s nutrition on track even when on cruising holiday. We reconnect guests to nature and the surrounding world through magical walking trails, trekking adventures, kayaking experience, ocean explorations and hand-on lessons about herbs and plants.

2. We Give our Guests Better Sleep.

The importance of sleep goes away beyond just boosting mood or banishing under-eye circles. We selected handmade mattresses, organic pillows and duvets, linen, sleep apps, a agarwood fragrance and so much more to ensure that day ends in a peaceful slumber.

3. We Create Dishes that are Experiential, Nutritious and Devoted to Well-Being.

As part of our innovative approach, Eat with Lux Cruises, our Chefs source the finest organic ingredients and create low-sugar and low-sodium dishes, and gluten-, soy- and hormone-free options because well-being start from within.

4. We Know that Optimum Health is Built on Planning and Commitment.

Nutrition, sleep, movement and holistic spa treatments as well as yoga and mindfulness are the building blocks of Emperor Cruises Integrated Wellness. And supporting this is the introduction of smart Technology in the form of a wellness screening and Fusion tics combine with in-house expertise to deliver personalized programs that bush boundaries and deliver results.

5. By Uniting Renowned Health Authorities.

The Heritage Wellness and Spa, comprised of experts in the fields of nutrition, sleep, and cardiovascular and complementary medicine. This group has worked in tandem with Lux Cruises to create an integrated approach to wellness.

6. We Need the Way on a Journey of Discovery.

As pioneers we uncover new practices and built meaningful relationships with both modern and traditional practitioners. We work in partnership with leading experts to deliver high-tech and high-touch wellness programs. The result is a unique layered approach to wellness we call pioneering wellness.

7. We Create Memories, Not Just Meals.

Locally inspired and sustainably sourced, cuisine is designed to appeal to those seeking a taste away from home. Ingredients come from resort gardens, local farmers, markets and fishermen and are served by our chefs and hosts from around the world in unique backdrops to transform meals into unforgettable moments.

8. We Craft Unique Dining Experiences, Not Just Menus.

Inspiration doesn’t start and end with a name on a menu, it is about creating experiences that have the power to change and stay with the people forever.

9. By Listening Rather than Talking.

Our approach to service begins with empathy and a desire to understand the guest’s needs and wants, both spoken and unspoken. Because we understand that people are driven by emotions, our intuitive approach to service means that every guest receives a richer and more personal experience.

10. By Being Refreshingly Human.

Fun and Quirky aren’t values that you would ordinarily associate with the hospitality and wellness business. But then again, we are anything but ordinary. Our curiosity and desire to explore allow us and our guests to discover unexpected ways to reconnect every single day.

11. By Being Part of the Local Fabric.

We don’t build castles on hills. We are rooted in the history and local culture. Our architecture and building practices follow indigenous designs and utilize local architects and artisans. Our food comes from local farmers and fishermen. Our knowledge of the best fishing holes, diving spots, underground and pop-up clubs, happenings and restaurants in founded on our local relationships.

12. By Living for Today and Planning for Tomorrow.

In our development, design and daily operations, we act responsibly to measure and minimize our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, all though active management of energy, water waste, biodiversity, purchasing and chemicals usage. By giving Mother Nature a major say in everything we do, we protect the long-term future of our business. We create better bay for people to live in and better place for people to visit.

13. It Starts from Within, From an Innate Belief in Doing Good.

Born optimists, we see goodness and potential for the greater good in everything. We could not hope to care for our guests if we did not first care for our people and the communities we are part of.

14. We Reintroduce People to Themselves, Other, and the World Around Them.

In such a world, human connections suffer. Using our intuition and applying it in the form of emotional hospitality removes these everyday barriers and leaves us open to bonding once again with the world, nature, others and ourselves.

15. We Create Places that Reconnect People.

Connections can be fleeting and easily forgotten. To sustain them we strive to create memories. To be lasting they must be unique – not just a perfect martini, but a perfect moment. The most powerful memories are built from a shared moment of discovery or a shared moment of change.

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