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Vietnam’s First Nomination for ‘World’s Best Boutique Cruise 2024’

Vietnam’s First Nomination for ‘World’s Best Boutique Cruise 2024’

Heritage Bình Chuẩn, inspired by the story of “king of shipbuilding” Bạch Thái Bưởi, has been nominated in the category of World’s Best Boutique Cruise 2024 at the World Cruise Awards (WCA).

Heritage Bình Chuẩn ( is Vietnam’s first boutique cruise, part of Lux Cruises Group (a member of the Safe Destination Initiative), to be nominated for this award, often referred to as the Oscars of the tourism industry.

Mr. Pham Ha, Chairman of Lux Cruises Group ( (the owner of the cruise), shared with the Safe Destination Initiative: “Approximately 70% of tours in Vietnam are connected to the sea and islands. Cruises are a convenient means to explore Vietnam’s heritage. Moreover, foreign tourists enjoy experiences close to nature, in pristine and less crowded places. Vietnam is an intriguing destination for those who love heritage to explore, learn, honor, and experience.” This is one of the reasons he decided to invest in the cruise tourism business.

In 2019, Heritage Bình Chuẩn was launched. By naming the cruise ship Heritage Bình Chuẩn, the group hoped that when Vietnamese people hear its name, it would evoke proud historical memories of the first “made in Vietnam” ship, impressing tourists with images rich in Vietnamese culture and spirit.

One of the paintings displayed on the Heritage Bình Chuẩn cruise

Heritage Bình Chuẩn has a distinctive style, impressively reviving the past and particularly honoring Vietnam’s historical, cultural, artistic, and culinary values from the early 20th century. It is also the first cruise ship in Vietnam with a unique Indochine architectural style on its journey exploring Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) and Halong Bay (Quang Ninh).

The space of Heritage Bình Chuẩn is cozy and filled with historical and cultural heritage stories from photos, paintings, architecture to the arrangement of musical instruments. Every corner of the cruise tells a story, such as the 100 unique paintings by artist Pham Luc displayed on Heritage Bình Chuẩn, each serving as a window into the people, space, traditions, culture, attire, and lifestyle of the 1930s.

Guests experiencing the Heritage Bình Chuẩn cruise

The highlight is elevating culinary value, where each dish tells a story with local ingredients. The cuisine of the Northern Delta region is combined with European-style service. Guests also get to experience the culture by wearing traditional ao dai for candlelit dinners with appropriate lighting and traditional music.

The cruise also demonstrates responsibility in tourism. Heritage Cruises is built using sustainable materials and new engines. The structure of the cruise is designed to maximize natural light with skylights and fresh airflow, reducing the need for air conditioning and light bulbs. The cruise does not use plastic bags and provides guests with reusable water bottles. Heritage Cruises contributes to sustainable activities, creating jobs, hiring local labor, promoting local culture, heritage, and products. They also support a project to protect marine life in the Cat Ba Archipelago, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Halong Bay, along with heritage projects in the Red River Delta.

Heritage Cruises frequently organizes activities to collect trash, clean hiking trails, and beaches so guests can enjoy pristine beaches and small bays within their operational area.

With all these efforts, the nomination for World’s Best Boutique Cruise 2024 brings pride to Mr. Pham Ha, Chairman of Lux Cruises. This occasion also coincides with Lux Cruises’ 10th anniversary and the 5th anniversary of Heritage Bình Chuẩn reviving Vietnamese heritage, continuing the legacy and pursuing the dream of a “made in Vietnam” cruise reaching out to the world. The art cruise – where aesthetics, shipbuilding technology, and architectural science converge.

“We are confident in developing a fleet of cruise ships and yachts in the most beautiful rivers, bays, and seas of Vietnam. In 2025, we will launch a new 300-seat cruise in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and the Saigon River, Lan Ha Bay,” Mr. Ha said.

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