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20 Years of Leading in Luxury Travel and Innovation

20 Years of Leading in Luxury Travel and Innovation

Acting as LuxGroup, we welcome new concepts and are inviting investment in our new projects, such as cruise ships, hotels and resorts, real estate, e-commerce, human resources in the tourism sector, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions opportunities.

Doing Business with Kindness and #DeliveringHappinessPassionPurpose, PeoplePlanetProfit, and Prosperity.

Founded by Dr. Pham HaLuxGroup is an award-winning consortium of small niche companies. As an industry thought leader in luxury and entrepreneurial endeavors, it serves as a holding company accelerating growth and sustainability in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, F&B, Yacht, Cruise, Agrotourism, Arts, and IT ventures in Asia.

Focusing on people’s experiences and happiness, LuxGroup stands as a collective force of small giants, partnering in a synergistic collection of ventures. Our experienced team provides value to these ventures by deploying decades of expertise, with a relentless focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

EMPOWERED OWNERSHIP: We empower our brands’ owners and their employees to seek their own success. Through empowerment, we stimulate innovative thinking, efficiency, and results, acting as guardians to offer expertise and leadership whenever necessary.

SUSTAINABILITY EXPERTISE: Following the framework of the UN Sustainability Goals and criteria set by the Global Sustainability Tourism Council, we leverage best practices across our business ventures.

MANAGEMENT ADVISORY: Diligently providing keen, nimble strategic management advisory services to business unit leaders and assembling effective boards for these units to inculcate a culture of success.

EMPOWERED TEAMS: A cornerstone of our success is a team of motivated individuals with strong aptitude, a driven attitude, and 100% alignment with our vision and culture.

GROUP SUCCESS: Success breeds success. By actively sharing best practices across business units, we not only inspire and ideate but also reinforce LuxGroup’s value proposition.

VALUES-BASED FUN: Fun is an integral part of our organizational essence, enabling leaders and teams to sustain hard work pressure, stay fresh, enjoy the ride, and maintain perspective.

Experiential travel and hospitality are ALL ABOUT PASSION: Difficult to quantify but critical for success, passion fuels tenacious persistence in everything we do. Discover more at

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