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Lux Cruises Group: Unique boutique concept of cruises within the heritage

Lux Cruises Group: Unique boutique concept of cruises within the heritage

According to Dr. Pham Ha, Founder and CEO of LuxGroup, small cruises, also known as boutique cruises, possess distinctive features such as small size, creating an intimate and personalized space for experiences, providing high-quality services, focusing on exploring less-visited destinations.

Small cruises offer a different and more stylish travel experience compared to larger cruises, providing a cozy and distinctive space for travelers. What are the characteristics of small cruises?

Similar to boutique hotels, boutique cruises are characterized by an intimate atmosphere and unique style. This type of cruise distinguishes itself from larger ones by paying attention to personalized experiences, theme-based decoration, and style.

Small, exquisite, and luxurious

This is an industry focusing on smaller vessels such as cruises, exploration vessels, river cruises, and classic sailing boats, emphasizing quality over quantity, accommodating up to nearly 200 passengers at most, instead of 2,000 or more like mega cruises.

Besides creating a cozier atmosphere, the smaller size of these ships offers a completely different experience, both onshore and onboard. Smaller vessels enable easier access to remote ports less frequented by larger ships, leading to new and unique journeys.

Unique and highly personalized experiences

Boutique-style travel, such as Heritage Cruises or Emperor Cruises under Lux Cruises Group (, Vietnam’s first boutique cruise line, takes guests to remote locations where they can enjoy activities like cycling, hiking, kayaking, or snorkeling.

Onboard, the experience is devoid of crowds, fostering a more intimate and sociable atmosphere among passengers of similar backgrounds. Expect a higher level of personalized service from our team and the possibility to connect with equally sophisticated fellow travelers.

Expect enhanced destination-focused journeys enriched by creative programs and curated expeditions often led by historians, naturalists, and experts in various fields like photographers, wine experts, renowned chefs with Michelin stars or from Top Chef Vietnam, naturalists, art guides, and comprehensive healthcare professionals.

Top ten features of Boutique Cruises

Travelers are continually seeking “new and different” experiences, understanding this, we’ve developed small yachts within the bay. Many wish to know precisely what a boutique cruise is?

Although there isn’t a strict definition of a boutique cruise, this category tends to have some common features. Here are the top ten characteristics of Lux Cruises Group’s boutique cruise: Size, Personality, Design, Character, Culture, Services, Cuisine, Clientele, Perception of a destination, and authenticity and uniqueness of the experience.

Size – Small cruises are typically compact, with 10 to 100 cabins. Small cruises have an intimate scale, creating an atmosphere like a guest in a private floating home rather than just feeling like a tourist on a large cruise ship. Since larger cruises sell per cabin, there is usually less communal space for interaction.

Personality – Small cruises often operate independently and are not tied to any major brand chains. These ships exude a special vibe and never feel “industrial.” The cruise experience tailored to personal preferences is authentic and unique. Our staff remembers your name and makes your journey truly memorable.

Design – The architecture and interior design of boutique cruises are as unique and special as their operations, always luxurious and often combining historical details with sophistication. Delicate and contemporary lines or classic and cozy ones—or even an artistic blend. Guest cabins feature private balconies, panoramic windows, and are designed in a style using premium fabrics and exclusive amenities.

Character – Small cruises often possess a quirky, playful, and vibrant character, fashionable and optimistic. The humor of these yachts can be expressed through creative designs and welcoming invitations. Each day is an adventure.

Culture – As an extension of each ship’s unique personality, boutique cruise voyages often honor local flavors by incorporating locally-sourced materials and reflecting the destination’s heritage through colors and art. Themed boutique voyages construct the entire guest experience around a specific theme, such as art, fashion, or sports.

Services – Highly personalized service is a standout feature of sea-bound boutique journeys. The tour director will personally greet you, and the staff will know your name from the first day of your stay. Particularly luxurious amenities are provided, such as an array of lavish pillow types and luxurious personal hygiene items, as well as providing extravagant spa services.

Culinary Delights – Small yachts create unique dining experiences, not just in menus but also in space and memories. Their restaurants and bars tend to be smart and contemporary, serving locally-sourced, high-quality dishes, making these dining spots popular with both locals and tourists.

Clientele – The type of travelers attracted to boutique travel are as individual as they are when they travel and tend to be sophisticated and stylish. Upscale travelers with taste who appreciate creative design, quirky character, and personalized service.

Perception of a Destination – Operating in the historical North Bay, capturing the essence of Northern Vietnam, combined with nostalgia for Indochina in the 1930s and the heritage of Bạch Thái Bưởi’s legacy, Heritage Cruises is designed for a discovery journey, a place of solemnity where travelers can feel and create their own memories. Emperor Cruises draws inspiration from Emperor Bao Dai – the Keeper of Greatness with the royal story of the Nguyen dynasty.

Authenticity and Uniqueness – Respecting simplicity, heritage, quaintness, and the authenticity of the experiential product. Sea cruises are all about destinations, experiences, and memories. Our greatest desire is to provide a first-class extraordinary cruising experience based on exclusive elements, amenities, luxury, and style. Our team onshore and onboard is passionate, ensuring your cruise experience is rich with memories. Visit

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