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LuxGroup Donates 25 Water Tanks to Ha Giang Residents

LuxGroup Donates 25 Water Tanks to Ha Giang Residents

On June 15th, LuxGroup provided 25 water tanks to the impoverished people of Lung Thau village (Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district), aiming to tackle the severe water shortage in Ha Giang’s rocky highland areas.

At the event, Mr. Pham Ha, CEO of LuxGroup, stated, “With a spirit of mutual aid, we are determined to bring these gifts of love to the people here. Despite the challenging roads to Ha Giang after the flood on June 10th, we hope these gifts will ease some of the difficulties for the people in Sa Phin.”

Mr. Ha also noted that the event marks the beginning of the “Providing Water Tanks to the People of Ha Giang’s Stone Highlands” project initiated by LuxGroup. This project targets the severe water shortage in the rocky highlands, especially during the dry season (from September to December) when residents must walk several kilometers to fetch water.

In addition to donating water tanks, LuxGroup also provided 48 gift packages to those in need. This includes 28 packages for impoverished and near-poverty families affected by floods in Lung Thau village and 20 gift packages for Pa Vi Ha village, Meo Vac district. The packages mainly contained essential supplies such as rice, salt, soy sauce, and monosodium glutamate.

In an interview with the online magazine Environmental Economy, Mr. Ha affirmed that the group will allocate 5% of the value from tours to Ha Giang to the “LuxGroup Foundations” fund. This initiative aims to support the community by providing water tanks and solar energy to the residents of Ha Giang’s rocky highlands. “LuxGroup Foundations will endeavor to bring clean water to the remaining ten villages of this border commune,” Mr. Ha stated.

At the event, Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh, Secretary of Sa Phin commune, expressed gratitude for the 25 water tanks of 1,200 liters each, provided by LuxGroup, Ha Giang Tre company (a local enterprise), and generous donors. This initiative addresses the water needs for one of the commune’s eleven villages.

“We are delighted as it is the first time Lung Thau village has received so many water tanks, which help address the serious water shortage our people are facing. We hope that in the future, more sponsors will help us improve our infrastructure and bring solar power to the village to enhance our residents’ quality of life,” Mr. Hanh shared.

Also at the event, Ms. Dinh Thi Say, a resident of Lung Thau village, could not hide her joy, as she will no longer need to walk nearly ten kilometers to fetch water every day. “I am truly happy and grateful to receive a water tank for the first time. From now on, I won’t have to worry about the water shortage during the dry season. This tank not only provides my family with clean water but also brings us joy and hope,” Ms. Say expressed.

Sà Phìn is a border commune of Đồng Văn district, covering an area of 1367 hectares, of which 401.5 hectares are agricultural land, and the remainder is rocky terrain. The natural conditions are extremely harsh, with only one corn crop per year. The dry season lasts from 4 to 6 months without any rain, and residents often have to buy water at the cost of 200,000 VND per cubic meter. The commune has 11 hamlets with 687 households and 3525 inhabitants. In 2024, the poverty and near-poverty rate of the commune was 66.1%.

Lũng Thầu hamlet, located in Sà Phìn commune, Đồng Văn district, Hà Giang province, faces particularly challenging natural and economic conditions. The hamlet lies within the Đồng Văn rocky plateau, known for its majestic yet harsh landscape. It has 150 inhabitants and 30 households, with 25 of these households classified as poor or near-poor.

LuxGroup is a leading conglomerate in hotels, restaurants, cruises, travel, and tours, noted for its commitment to sustainable development and ESG practices (environmental, social, and governance). In 2023, LuxGroup met 150 criteria to become a sustainable partner of Travelife Europe and is striving to achieve Travelife Certified status this year. Particularly, LuxGroup is one of the first conglomerates in Vietnam committed to zero plastic waste, aiming for “net zero” by 2030.

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