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LuxGroup sets sail on the blue ocean strategy

Mr. Pham Ha, the visionary Founder and CEO of LuxGroup, embarked on a journey in the travel industry with a dream to elevate Vietnam’s tourism sector to new heights of luxury and uniqueness. From humble beginnings as a tour guide during his university days, Mr. Pham Ha’s passion for travel and languages laid the foundation for his successful venture in luxury travel. In 2005, he founded Luxury Travel, which later evolved into the LuxGroup, a conglomerate of brands offering a wide array of luxurious travel experiences across Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

The LuxGroup’s growth has been remarkable, boasting a team of 250 staff, representative offices on five continents, and strategic investments in various businesses, including luxury cruises, transportation, real estate, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and art auctions. Their dedication to excellence has earned them numerous prestigious travel awards, including the coveted World Travel Awards 2023.


For Mr. Pham Ha, travel is not just about reaching a destination; it is about the journey itself, a voyage filled with happiness and unforgettable experiences. His fluency in English and French, combined with his love for exploring new places, naturally led him to the travel industry. Beginning as a tour guide during his university days, Mr. Pham Ha gradually worked his way up in the travel sector, gaining invaluable experience along the way.

After earning a BBA degree, he saw the untapped potential in the luxury segment of the travel industry and founded Luxury Travel in 2005. His commitment to providing unique and personalized travel experiences for luxury travelers marked the start of his journey as a luxury travel visionary.


For the LuxGroup, luxury travel is not confined to a singular definition but rather shaped by the individual desires and expectations of their customers. While some travelers may find their first trip abroad to be a luxurious experience, others seek new and personalized encounters, especially seasoned travelers who have explored numerous destinations.

The LuxGroup defines luxury travel as a combination of personalized experiences that touch the hearts of their clients. Their mission is to exceed customer expectations by offering expertly crafted and tailor-made travel experiences. To achieve this, they collaborate closely with agents and tour operators, using their expertise, know-how, and solid infrastructure to deliver authentic luxury travel.


Luxury travelers in Vietnam make up a small percentage of visitors, typically ranging from 3 to 5 percent. This exclusive group seeks more than just opulent accommodations; they desire privacy, unique and authentic experiences, and often prefer to travel in small groups. The luxury traveler segment can be categorized into various groups, such as those seeking new experiences, traditionalists who enjoy showcasing their adventures, and honeymooners and older groups who value family travel.

Vietnam itself boasts a diverse range of attractions, including cultural heritage, cuisine, nature, art, and beautiful beaches. The LuxGroup aims to tap into these resources, providing luxury-minded travelers with unforgettable experiences that encompass the essence of Vietnam.


As an experienced player in the tourism industry, Mr. Pham Ha identifies several key challenges negatively affecting the development of Vietnam’s tourism sector. These include a lack of long-term strategic vision, scattered and unsustainable development, inadequate tourism policies, issues with human resources, and ineffective tourism promotion.

To address these challenges, Mr. Pham Ha emphasizes the need for specific government actions to complement resolutions, focusing on changing the perception of tourism at all levels. He advocates for the establishment of a dedicated tourism ministry operating independently at both the central and local levels, akin to the Thai model. Additionally, the creation of more tourism products and incentives for businesses can help drive sustainable tourism development.


While hotel and resort investments may signify growth and development, Mr. Pham Ha warns against unsustainable practices that can harm the natural landscape and tourism resources. He cites examples of places like Sapa, Ba Na, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc Island, where large-scale construction has affected the environment and detracted from the attractiveness of these destinations.

Mr. Pham Ha stresses the importance of architectural planning to preserve the natural landscape and attract a diverse range of tourists, not solely relying on mass tourism. Quality over quantity should be the focus, ensuring that destinations retain their charm and appeal to a broader range of international visitors.


Heritage Cruises (, inspired by the opulence and elegance of the King of Cruise Ships, introduces a new concept of Vietnamese boutique cruises on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin. Rooted in the belief that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Heritage Cruises is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the country’s rich history, art, cuisine, and culture.

At the core of Heritage Cruises’ philosophy lies a commitment to authenticity and heritage. Their fleet of vessels seamlessly combines classic elegance with modern comfort, providing travelers with an unparalleled cruising experience. With only 20 suites on board, the company ensures a personalized and intimate welcome for every guest. From the moment of arrival, every detail is carefully attended to, from cool scented towels to thoughtfully laid-out slippers, creating an ambiance of luxury and refinement.

The staff at Heritage Cruises go above and beyond to anticipate guests’ needs and desires, surprising and delighting them with exceptional service. From dimming the lights and turning down the bed each evening to accommodating special requests with last-minute magic, the crew’s dedication to personalized service elevates the entire cruising experience.

However, it is the complete package that truly sets Heritage Cruises apart. The cruise offers unique perspectives on the Red River and the Tonkin Gulf, showcasing the beauty of the region while providing a deep sense of cultural immersion. The combination of quality, quintessence, and ambiance in these spectacular locations ensures that the journey with Heritage Cruises is truly unforgettable.

Heritage Cruises invites travelers to explore, learn, respect, celebrate, and enjoy every moment of their cruise. With a focus on the essence of Vietnam and its heritage, the company aims to create lasting memories for each guest, leaving them with a profound appreciation for the country’s culture and natural wonders. For those seeking an authentic and artful cruising experience, Heritage Cruises promises to deliver an unforgettable journey that embraces the heart and soul of Vietnam.


Emperor Cruises (, inspired by Emperor Bao Dai’s lavish lifestyle, is a prime example of LuxGroup’s commitment to incorporating culture and history into travel experiences. The luxurious cruise offers travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture and history, providing an all-inclusive experience with personalized services and fascinating itineraries.

Foreign tourists find the cultural nostalgia offered by Emperor Cruises intriguing and unique, enabling them to experience the essence of Vietnam through authenticity, culture, heritage, history, and the country’s stunning natural wonders.


As LuxGroup looks to the future, they have ambitious plans to sail along Vietnam’s coastline, tapping into the country’s vast potential for marine tourism. With 3,260 km of coastline, 125 beautiful beaches, 3,000 islands, and 28 coastal cities, Vietnam boasts a wealth of opportunities for cruise tourism.

The marine tourism sector is a key focus of Vietnam’s sea economy Master Plan 2030-45, and LuxGroup aims to play a significant role by investing in cruise harbors and coastal infrastructure. By offering cruises and yachts with Vietnamese nationality, LuxGroup aims to promote cruise tourism in Vietnam and attract a larger share of international travelers.

Overall, LuxGroup’s commitment to excellence, personalized luxury experiences, and dedication to preserving Vietnam’s natural and cultural treasures position them as a formidable player in the global tourism industry. With their vision set on sailing along Vietnam’s coastline, LuxGroup ( sets sail on the blue ocean strategy, offering travelers unforgettable and authentic luxury experiences in Southeast Asia.

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