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Lux Cruises Group: Responsible Cruising

The Lux Cruises Group, a Vietnamese tourism company, has been making significant strides in sustainable tourism and honoring the country’s heritage. Two of their 5-star standard heritage cruises, Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong and Heritage Binh Chuan ( have recently received the highest level 3 certification in sustainable tourism, which allows tourists to experience and connect with Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage.

The company’s approach to sustainable development includes various measures to protect the environment and society. For instance, they have taken steps to reduce plastic waste by avoiding the use of single-use plastic products on their cruises, opting for environmentally friendly and recyclable alternatives instead.

Emperor Cruises (, also known as Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong, is particularly appealing to travelers interested in exploring art and cuisine. Inspired by Emperor Bao Dai, the last emperor of the Nguyen dynasty, the cruise offers spacious suite rooms with an ancient cultural ambiance, featuring design elements and decorative items reminiscent of the royal court. Each room is named after different places and showcases artifacts associated with Emperor Bao Dai’s former life, providing an authentic heritage experience and a sense of privacy for guests.

Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, located in Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba), is named after the Binh Chuan ship, which was the largest Vietnamese ship in the early 20th century. The cruise boasts a unique million-dollar art gallery at sea, featuring original paintings by artist Pham Luc, creating a distinct Indochine style from the 1930s. Heritage Binh Chuan has received recognition and awards, including the “Best of The Best” award on TripAdvisor in 2022, based on its exceptional services, experiences, amenities, and overall customer satisfaction.

Lux Cruises Group’s commitment to promoting domestic tourism growth is evident in their participation in various forums, dialogues, and travel fairs in countries like Germany, Singapore, and Australia. Additionally, they have launched attractive promotional programs exclusively for domestic tourists on special occasions. The company’s vision, led by CEO Pham Ha, is to have Vietnamese-designed and -crafted cruise ships sailing along the country’s most beautiful bays, showcasing and preserving Vietnam’s cultural heritage and natural beauty.

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