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LuxGroup to Present The Lux Yacht Collection with Two Yachts in 2025: Spirit and President

Introducing the Lux Yacht Collection, an ambitious project by the LuxGroup set to celebrate their 20th anniversary in grand style. This renowned luxury brand is venturing into uncharted waters with the development of two extraordinary mega yachts, aptly named SPIRIT and PRESIDENT. Anticipation is building as the official unveiling of these opulent vessels is expected to take place in 2025.

Led by the visionary founder and CEO, Pham Ha, LuxGroup is known for its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. The Lux Yacht Collection marks a significant milestone in the company’s history, as they seize new opportunities and redefine the boundaries of luxury travel.

Details of the first superyacht, PRESIDENT, and its sister vessel, SPIRIT, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. With approximately 99 suites and duplex suites, a spa, a salon, multiple bars and restaurants, a gym, a sprawling infinity swimming pool, and even an outdoor movie theater, no expense has been spared in creating an unforgettable experience for guests. The Lux Yacht Collection ensures that every need and desire is catered to, with an abundance of staff dedicated to delivering personalized services.

The design of PRESIDENT exudes elegance and tranquility, featuring sleek lines, a contemporary layout, and a palette of soothing, neutral hues. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this vessel promises to captivate a discerning clientele who seek both relaxation and the exceptional service synonymous with the LuxGroup.

Guests fortunate enough to step aboard PRESIDENT are greeted with an abundance of space, both in their sumptuous suites and throughout the expansive common areas. The LuxGroup has gone above and beyond, ensuring that each passenger enjoys ample square footage per person. With just 99 suites accommodating over 200 guests, those who embarked on the maiden voyage were pleasantly surprised by the roominess and freedom to luxuriate in their surroundings.

PRESIDENT is not just a yacht; it is a marvel of engineering and a floating masterpiece. The vessel boasts spacious suites, each offering balconies and high ceilings, creating an ambiance of openness and serenity. Indulgence knows no bounds, with five distinct dining venues, inviting common areas, multiple pools (including a mesmerizing infinity pool), whirlpools, a rejuvenating spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a refined cigar lounge, and even a dedicated watersports marina.

As the Lux Yacht Collection prepares to set sail, the anticipation continues to grow. This project promises to redefine luxury travel, setting new standards for opulence, comfort, and unparalleled service. With the LuxGroup at the helm, passengers aboard PRESIDENT and SPIRIT are poised to embark on an extraordinary voyage of a lifetime, surrounded by beauty, extravagance, and unforgettable moments.

Sailing the Coast of Vietnam

The marine tourism sector, which is a top priority of the country’s sea economy Master Plan 2030-45, has been struggling to attract investment in cruise harbours and coastal infrastructure to lure globally branded cruise fleets connected with worldwide destinations. Cruise services are one of the key products in building marine tourism as a core part of the ‘blue sea economy’ plan.

The coast of Vietnam is ranked the 33rd in the world. This nation ranks in the top 12 countries for the most beautiful bays in the world including Halong, Lan Ha, Lang Co and Nha Trang. Although Vietnam has 3,260 km of coastline, 125 world- class beautiful beaches, 3000 islands, and 28 coastal cities, it still does not have a cruise ship fleet. Vietnam must have cruise ships along the coast and to carry passengers from Vietnam to other countries.

Making a 67.3 per cent share of the country’s total tourism revenue, a top favourite ocean destination among 156 beach nations, cruise tourism in Vietnam has not been promoted properly so far. The number of cruise tourists accounts for only 2% of the total number of international visitors to Vietnam.

LuxGroup’s Founder and CEO Pham Ha emphasized that it is necessary to attract investors to invest in cruise ships and yachts with Vietnamese nationality that run along the coast. Be the first to cruise along Vietnamese coast!

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