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Lux Travel DMC is a prominent destination management company based in Vietnam. Founded in 2005 in Hanoi by Pham Ha, it has established itself as a leader in luxury travel, offering unique and wow experiences throughout Asia. Lux Travel DMC has recently been nominated for Asia’s Leading Destination Management at the World Travel Awards for the second time, which is a remarkable achievement.

In 2022, Lux Travel DMC won the prestigious title of Vietnam’s Leading Destination Management Company. This recognition further solidifies their position as a trusted and reputable player in the travel industry.

Lux Travel DMC is a part of LuxGroup, a renowned travel company with a workforce of 300 employees and 10 offices and sales representatives spread across five continents. This extensive network enables them to provide exceptional service and support to their clients worldwide.

The company has ambitious plans for expansion. By 2025, Lux Travel DMC aims to establish itself as a destination management company in 10 ASEAN countries, Sri Lanka, and expand further into other destinations across Asia. Additionally, they plan to launch new cruises in Saigon, Phu Quoc, and along the captivating coastline of Vietnam.

Lux Travel DMC prides itself on its strong corporate culture and commitment to sustainability. They strive to create bespoke travel experiences and signature products that allow luxury travelers to discover, dream, explore, indulge, relax, experience, and immerse themselves in the natural heritage of their chosen destinations.

To commemorate their 18 years of excellence in the industry, Lux Travel DMC will be celebrating their achievements with a gala event in Ho Chi Minh City on September 6, 2023. The event promises to be a grand occasion where industry professionals, partners, and supporters will come together to honor Lux Travel DMC’s success.

Voting for the World Travel Awards will continue until July 23, 2023. This presents an opportunity for people to support Lux Travel DMC by casting their votes and contributing to their potential victory in the Asia’s Leading Destination Management category.

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