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Lux Travel DMC proudly received a nomination for the World’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2023

Lux Travel DMC proudly received a nomination for the World’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2023 at the Grand Final Tour of the World Travel Awards. This prestigious award, often referred to as the “Oscars of the travel industry,” has recognized their exceptional achievements in the travel sector for many years.

If Lux Travel DMC wins this nomination, it will not only be an achievement for LuxGroup but also for the tourism industry in Vietnam. It’s the first time a 100% privately-owned luxury travel company in Vietnam has been nominated at the World Travel Awards’ global finals.

To win this award, Lux Travel DMC needs the highest number of votes from leading travel experts and high-ranking executives from over 140 countries worldwide.

The World Travel Awards Grand Final Tour 2023 will bring together outstanding companies and renowned brands in various travel sectors, including airlines, hotels, resorts, travel companies, transportation, cruises, and travel destinations.

Previously, Lux Travel DMC achieved significant success by winning the Vietnam’s Leading Destination Management Company award and the Asia’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator award. They received recognition from thousands of travel experts worldwide in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Lux Travel DMC has made substantial contributions to the high-end, creative, experiential, and heritage tourism markets in Vietnam and across Asia.

Lux Travel DMC is part of the LuxGroup ecosystem, a reputable entity with nearly 20 years of experience in the restaurant, hotel, cruise, and travel industries. LuxGroup is known for its premium and luxury travel brands, including Premium Travel and Luxury Travel.

LuxGroup also manages Emperor Cruises and Heritage Cruises, offering travelers the opportunity to explore the most beautiful coastal areas of Vietnam. They also own Lux Limo, serving luxury customers seeking private and comfortable experiences.

The vision of Chairman and Founder Pham Ha has led LuxGroup to introduce 30 cruise ships in Vietnam, becoming the first company to operate a coastal cruise fleet in the country.

Notably, Heritage Cruises, the boutique-style cruise in the North Bay region, was nominated for the Best Boutique Cruise of the World Cruise Award in 2023.

The location of the Grand Final Tour gala for the World Travel Awards 2023 has not been disclosed yet. Last year, the event took place in Oman, where Vietnam received 16 prestigious awards. 2023 is a special year for the World Travel Awards as it marks their 30th anniversary.

You can find more information and vote for Lux Travel DMC at this link:

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