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People are the greatest asset of LuxGroup in serving heartly and delivering happiness

The chairman of LuxGroup, Mr. Pham Ha, emphasizes the importance of human resources in the success of a business. According to him, in the highly competitive tourism industry, where destinations and services are similar, the corporate culture and talented workforce play a crucial role in creating a sense of pride, success, and happiness.

Mr. Pham Ha believes that humans are the most valuable assets of a company, especially in the service industry. Unlike machines that operate automatically without emotions, human beings can empathize, understand, and connect with customers on an emotional level. Investing in people is therefore essential, as it not only satisfies customers but also fosters a dedicated and sustainable workforce.

LuxGroup, a luxury travel company, has focused on recruiting and developing talented individuals who are compassionate, grateful, and willing to contribute their value to customers, the company, and the community. Understanding their target customers, LuxGroup aims to create memorable experiences that go beyond traditional tourism by building a workforce that is knowledgeable, skilled, and deeply immersed in the corporate culture and the stories of the destinations they serve.

When LuxGroup was founded 18 years ago, the CEO, Mr. Pham Ha, faced skepticism due to the perception that Vietnam was not an attractive destination. However, he recognized the importance of understanding both the customer profile and his own identity to succeed in the industry. LuxGroup started with domestic and international tourism and set English as the primary language for communication, ensuring consistency in conveying the company’s culture across its multinational branches. This language standardization not only facilitates effective communication and customer understanding but also attracts foreign talents and optimizes local human resource policies.

In addition to English and Vietnamese, LuxGroup’s staff members also use four other popular Western languages: French, Italian, Spanish, and German. The company is currently expanding its market to Portuguese-speaking countries. Such language standardization allows the company to proactively welcome and serve customers, particularly those seeking a luxurious lifestyle. These customers are willing to spend more, stay longer, and often bring in more customers through word-of-mouth recommendations when they are genuinely satisfied. They are frequent travelers with diverse experiences, knowledge, and high expectations, placing their trust in the company and its people.

LuxGroup’s focus is on creating cultural and artistic touches for its high-end customers. The luxury cruise ships of LuxGroup provide an immersive experience in the world of art, architecture, fashion, cuisine, culture, and the art of the 1930s, incorporating heritage elements and multi-sensory experiences. Mr. Pham Ha and his team find great happiness in witnessing the genuine enjoyment of their customers throughout the years. Some customers have traveled with LuxGroup’s members multiple times, such as 10 trips with Lux Travel Dmc ( or 5 trips on the Lux Cruises’ Heritage Binh Chuan ( over the past 18 years.

For instance, Mr. Pham Ha shared a memorable experience when a customer insisted on purchasing a painting by artist Pham Luc, depicting a female guerrilla fighter, and her daughter, displayed on the Emperor Cruises Legacy Halong. The customer was willing to pay up to $150,000 for the artwork because it evoked deep emotions and childhood memories. Such emotional connections and profound experiences are unforgettable for both the customer and Mr. Pham Ha.

In summary, LuxGroup’s chairman, Mr. Pham Ha, strongly believes that human resources are the most valuable assets of a business, particularly in the service industry. By investing in and nurturing the talents of their workforce, understanding their customers, and creating unique cultural and artistic experiences, LuxGroup aims to provide exceptional service and leave a lasting impression.

Source: Theleader

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