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5P Creates Happy Enterprises and Luxers at LuxGroup

5P Creates Happy Enterprises and Luxers at LuxGroup

TheLEADER: Serving customers with kindness, sincerity, and heart is what LuxGroup’s Chairman, Phạm Hà, believes are the keys to sustainable development for a service-oriented business. The LuxGroup team is eager to welcome the new year of 2024.

In the early days of the new year, the LuxGroup team is eagerly preparing for a surge following a long period of effort to recover the tourism industry. “After the storm comes the calm,” describes Chairman Phạm Hà of his team.

“Twenty years is a long journey since the early days when LuxGroup pioneered in providing luxury customer service, always aiming for sustainable and kind business practices, with people at the center creating a cohesive and happy organization,” shares Mr. Hà.

“I am a happy Luxer,” says Ms. Trần Thị Khánh Trinh, a sales employee at Luxury Travel, a member of LuxGroup.

Starting in 2017, LuxGroup was the farthest workplace Ms. Trinh had experienced, with a distance of over 20km. The company culture and working environment helped her overcome challenges to stay with the company. LuxGroup focuses on customers, continuous innovation, respect, and development of employees, and building relationships based on trust and respect.

“Time at the company even exceeds time with family, so the working environment is very important to me. At LuxGroup, colleagues are supportive, and the management always facilitates when staff face difficulties; always recognizing, encouraging, and motivating employees in their work. This makes me love the company, want to stay committed, and be passionate about the company’s development every day,” Ms. Trinh states.

At the end of 2019, she had to quit her job to manage family matters. After the pandemic ended and tourism reopened, the first place she thought of was Luxury Travel because, despite many experiences and farewells, no place had ever made her feel such care and genuine affection.

She recalls an event during her time off when the company chairman gave her a gift with a note saying, “Thank you for your contribution to the company, I wish you success in your new job.”

Contacting Mr. Hà to explore opportunities to return to work, she still received care and a warm welcome from the leader.

Not only Ms. Trinh, but over 250 LuxGroup staff proudly call themselves happy Luxers, engaged in a profession of happiness.

From the early days of founding the company 20 years ago, Mr. Hà determined to build a kind and happy enterprise because he realized that only happy people can bring the same to customers and partners. Serving customers with kindness, sincerity, and heart is what makes for the sustainable development of a service-oriented business.

LuxGroup staff call their job a profession of happiness, with people placed at the center.

Contributing to drafting the corporate culture handbook, Mr. Châu Trần, in charge of marketing at Lux Cruises, another member of LuxGroup, says satisfying and making customers happy requires the effort of the entire team, crucially involving unity and connection.

To build such an organization, Mr. Hà focuses on the 5 Ps in English: passion, purpose, people, profit, planet.

Firstly, passion is essential for staff to stay engaged and proud of their work and organization. LuxGroup works with a passion for excellence.

Secondly, staff engage in meaningful work. “Built With Pride” is the slogan Mr. Hà sets for himself and inspires the whole team. They work in an ethical business, in a company that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. They work in a transparent, reputable environment, and not just for money but also for a mission called elevating heritage.

The business heir of steamship king Bạch Thái Bưởi says LuxGroup‘s mission is to pioneer luxury and elevate tourism; telling stories of lands, elevating heritage, using culture as a resource for economic development; realizing the dream of made-in-Vietnam cruise ships conquering rivers, seas, and approaching ports of Vietnam and other countries.

This pride helps LuxGroup gain more brand ambassadors within the organization as they continuously share about the company and the positive impacts it brings to the community and society. Thanks to this, they work with care and heart.

This also relates to the third keyword, People – placing people at the center. First and foremost, the people within the organization. LuxGroup employees are also internal customers.

LuxGroup‘s leadership focuses on enhancing staff quality through training programs and encouraging learning through work. They also set challenging goals and promote innovation and creativity.

Chairman LuxGroup also believes, “Customers are not Kings until the staff serves them as such.”

“Touching emotions to conquer luxury tourists. Our entire team centers around the customer, working for the customer, thereby contributing to the happiness and success of LuxGroup,” Mr. Hà says.

Ms. Trinh confirms, since working at the company, she has never received any complaints from customers or seen any negative reviews about the brand online. This is a source of pride but also a motivation for her to strive.

Fourthly, having a clear purpose. The entire organization has a common goal, and everyone strives toward it. Thanks to ensuring transparency and giving autonomy, each person can also set personal goals and plans, calculating their own income. This gives them motivation to try harder.

Finally, protecting the planet, committed to sustainable development. Not only protecting the environment in operations, LuxGroup also focuses on social factors, conserving and spreading the values of local heritage and culture.

In 2023, Lux Travel DMC received the Travelife Partner certificate, affirming the company’s continuous and determined efforts in the field of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Giang, in charge of Talent and Corporate Culture at LuxGroup, shares that many LuxGroup staff have been with the company for over a decade and continue to develop emotionally, intellectually, and professionally.

Ms. Giang herself had three months of experience in another environment but decided to return despite having a higher salary elsewhere. Beyond material factors, she values the 5 Ps in an organization.

“5P creates happiness and prosperity,” Chairman LuxGroup affirms.

The businessman also shares that in corporate culture, the ownership culture also contributes to the distinctiveness of LuxGroup. Each staff member works as if the company is their own, sharing a mission, the work they love, treating customers like close friends.

Thus, despite facing challenging times like Covid, LuxGroup ( remained stable and quickly recovered after the pandemic. Mr. Hà says, the keyword for the business in 2024 is “stronger together.”

Asked why he feels happy at LuxGroup, Mr. Châu shares, it’s the opportunity to learn and be inspired by the captain, the true leader with a philosophy of kind business practices.

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