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LuxGroup’s Corporate culture

LuxGroup is look like a cruise ship with a captain sailing in the blue sea, heir to the legacy of Vietnam’s king of ships.

“I was one of the co-founders at LuxGroup. We built an amazing business and something I am very proud of. LuxGroup has a number of operating subsidiaries, which was lucky enough to be part of. We achieved exponential growth and can look back and be proud of what we achieved as a team” Pham Ha Founder and CEO LuxGroup.

Lux for short from original Luxury Travel since 2005, LUX stands for the Lead, Uniqueness, Xperiences Wow the Most Sophisticated Travelers. LuxGroup is a group of small giants becoming one of the best private economic groups in Vietnam, rather than the biggest group.

Doing business with kindness
#Deliveringhappiness and #Touchinghearts is a philosophy that motivates and drives the LuxGroup to grow continuously. Luxury – World-Class – Unique Differences

Always have the start-up spirit and sail on the Blue Ocean Strategy. Open up the world’s view of Vietnam and Vietnamese people in the past and present. Elevate the values of Vietnam’s heritage for authentic and unique travel experiences.

On the voyage to success and happiness, LuxGroup brings together the most capable Vietnamese and international professionals who possess intellect and discipline, talent and determination, patriotism and nation’s pride, charity, good intentions and intense work ethics.

Each Luxer must be proactive, eager to learn, constantly strive for self-improvement and internalize the LuxGroup’s culture and its core values, mission and vision as a guideline for their Luxers’s actions in delivering happiness with 5Ps: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Profit.

Creativeness and innovation must be constant and continuous to accomplish the goals of “the guest’s rights with 100% customer satisfaction”. This non-stop effort is to ensure sustained development of the LuxGroup and bring future generations a better life. Create better places for people to live and better places for travelers to visit.

Leading is serving. Touching hearts to win over luxury travelers. Only by perceiving customers as the biggest “boss” that keeps business running and helps the business pay for its employees, all of our teams are customer-centric, working for customers, and thus, contributing to LuxGroup’s success.

With the utmost respect for discipline, LuxGroup corporate culture in doing busines with kindness – a culture of professionalism and trust is built on the core values: “Kindness, Righteousness, Uprightness, Wisdom, and Faithfulness”

To instil and reinforce the core values virtues” and “7-day transformation in serving heartly and #deliveringhappiness”. At LuxGroup, each employee considers the Group a second home, a place to engage and spend the majority of each day to live and work. In any role and any position, we are proud to be a member of the LuxGroup and Luxers who have attitude, skills and knowledge.

Inspired by the heritage and noble spirit of the nationalist entrepreneur, Bach Thai Buoi, who was recognized as the ‘king of ships’ in Vietnam in the early 20th century, LuxGroup founder Pham Ha rewrites the story of the country’s cruise industry and corporate culture for the LuxGroup of small giants.

10 rules for luxers

Bach Thai Buoi (1874-1932) – Vietnam’s King of Cruise Ships

Kindness, decorum, uprightness, wisdom, and faithfulness

10 Regulations for Luxers

1. Excellence

You are experts, work and serve from your heart.

2. Passion

Work with passion, put all of your soul into even the smallest things you do for excellence and success.

3. Attitude

Attitude is everything and your purpose must be blended into the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

4, Customers first

Our people are company assets. We do everything for 100% customer satisfaction as is their right.

5. ESG

We sail responsibly with 6 pillars including: protecting natural resources and the environment, social and community responsibility, creating jobs, developing the local economy, customer satisfaction, and profit for our company.

6. Individual responsibility

When something goes wrong, take the personal responsibility first, “It is my faut”.

7. Oriented-results organization

Results say it all. Refer to the numbers in our company for the proof of excellence.

8. Be active and creative

Always remember! Never say “no”, always give two solutions for each problem!

9. Team work

Work with your team effectively. Competent and mature people do not need supervisors.

10. Integrity

Be honest, kind, and authentic people. Think rightly in words, actions, and results.

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