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Breaking Travel News: Congratulations on being named Asia’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator!

Congratulations on being named Asia’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator!

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations on being named Asia’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator! How do you feel about this achievement tonight at the gala dinner?

Pham Ha (Founder and CEO of LuxGroup): I am ecstatic! Tonight has been truly remarkable, a celebration of wonderful milestones. As the founder and CEO of LuxGroup, I am overjoyed to receive these prestigious awards. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners worldwide and the unwavering commitment of our Luxers, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and excellence to elevate the standards of luxury in the region.

Breaking Travel News: Your victory indeed confirms LuxGroup as a leader in luxury tourism in both Vietnam and Asia. How do you plan to shape the future of the industry?

Pham Ha: We take immense pride in our Luxer team, brands, and are confident in our pursuit of excellence. Our future plans involve investing further in our people, destinations, and curating authentic and unique travel experiences. We are driven to cater to luxury travelers’ desires to discover, dream, explore, indulge, relax, and immerse themselves in unforgettable memories.

Breaking Travel News: Your commitment to creating lasting memories and experiences is evident. What sets LuxGroup apart in the luxury tourism landscape?

Pham Ha: Our dedication to passion and leadership in luxury tourism and heritage preservation sets us apart. We are committed to crafting signature cruising experiences in Vietnam’s most picturesque bays, archipelagos, and rivers, such as the Saigon and Mekong Rivers. Our discerning guests can rest assured that only the most exceptional memories and stories will linger in their hearts.

Breaking Travel News: As you celebrate this achievement, how do you mark this significant milestone with your team and partners?

Pham Ha: We celebrate this momentous occasion with our extraordinary team, esteemed partners, and loyal customers. Our achievements are proudly showcased at trade shows across five continents and prominently displayed on our website. These accomplishments reflect 18 years of dedicated effort and unwavering passion.

Breaking Travel News: Your strong corporate culture and creative approach to luxury tourism have clearly been pivotal in your success. Can you tell us more about your company’s values?

Pham Ha: At LuxGroup, we believe in the virtues of righteousness, responsibility, and ethical business practices. Our multi-dimensional and creative approach exemplifies our commitment to success and happiness in the luxury tourism realm. We are not just leaders in the industry; we are pioneers who elevate heritage tourism while staying true to our core values.

Breaking Travel News: Thank you for sharing your remarkable journey and insights with us. LuxGroup’s Lux Travel DMC truly stands as a shining example in the world of luxury tourism, and we wish you continued success in the future.

Pham Ha: Thank you for having me. It’s been an honor to share our passion and commitment to excellence. We look forward to setting new benchmarks and leaving an indelible mark on luxury travelers worldwide, all while preserving and elevating the rich heritage of Asia.

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