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“Heartfelt Service – LuxGroup’s Corporate Culture of Touching Hearts In Order to Deliver Happiness.

“Heartfelt Service – LuxGroup’s Corporate Culture of Touching Hearts In Order to Deliver Happiness.

Heartfelt service is not about superficialities, nor is it about empty slogans. It’s about delivering a DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE to customers at LuxGroup (

In simpler terms, it’s saying, “I met you here, in this moment, a moment that is singular and won’t come again. So, I must cherish every second. I will do the most, the best, and the most sincere I can for you.”

Heartfelt service – that’s how we, the people of LuxGroup, demonstrate our DIFFERENCE with criteria such as serving wholeheartedly and exceeding customer expectations. Above all, with heartfelt service, we aim to bring a human value to the community, aligning with LuxGroup’s vision of making Vietnam an attractive global destination with a cultured, professional, sophisticated, and humane tourism culture.

“Customer service isn’t a department, it’s everyone’s job.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

Customers are the most important guests in our tourism and hospitality industry. They don’t depend on us; we depend on them. They don’t interrupt our work; they are the purpose of it.

Customers are not outsiders to our business; they are a part of it. Serving customers is not about bestowing favors upon them; it’s about customers bestowing us with the opportunity to serve them. Mahatma Gandhi

A member of LuxGroup, a Luxer as per the founder and chairman Pham Ha, must be a happy individual, spreading happiness through the 5 Ps: Passion, clear Purpose, putting People at the center, pursuing a sustainable Planet, and ultimately achieving Profit.


Complete trust, willingness to fight and sacrifice personal gain for the group’s ideals and aspirations. Adherence to all corporate standards and the completion of assigned tasks with committed quality and timelines. Honesty, integrity, steadfastness in work and life.


Leading by example, embracing and taking full responsibility for assigned tasks. Believing in our actions, inspiring and motivating others to work and live better. Fairness and humanity in everything; listening, empathizing, assisting, and sincerely supporting colleagues without hesitation.


Humble, substantial, constantly learning to improve oneself. Creativity, innovation, ensuring work results in higher efficiency. Ready to self-critique and critique both personal and others’ shortcomings directly for mutual growth.

As we change, life changes. Attitude is the greatest asset in life. Green lifestyle, strong physique, sound mind. Good health, compassionate heart, expanded mind. The spirit of Mr. Bach Thai Buoi: Loyalty, Integrity, and Responsibility.

Self-love, cultivating health

Pay attention to physical and mental well-being. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking.

Love for work

Consider customer satisfaction a source of happiness and motivation in work. Promote the culture of “Hello – Sorry – Thank you” in customer service. Always enthusiastic, positive, passionate about the job, proactive, and creative in providing attentive services beyond customer expectations.

Love for the organization

Understand the unique quality, international class, and distinctive differences of LuxGroup’s projects. Always proud to be at the forefront, jointly striving to build a “bringing heritage alive” and contribute to “elevating Vietnamese tourism.”

Love for the country

Always conscious of preserving and respecting the values of nature and protecting the environment to achieve sustainable development for the nation.

Brand Ambassador

Find joy in work, spread pride, positive values, and the contributions you’re making to the community and society, contributing to building a beautiful, moral, and humane society.

Indeed, heartfelt service is not just about aesthetics but also about creating a unique experience that exceeds customer expectations. It’s a blend of passion, responsibility, and teamwork to deliver genuine value. This helps foster close relationships with customers and contributes to both the community and organizational development.

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