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Lux Travel DMC: 18 Years of Exquisite Journeys

Lux Travel DMC: 18 Years of Exquisite Journeys

In the realm of luxury travel, one name stands out, weaving a narrative of excellence and adventure. Founded by Pham Ha, Lux Travel DMC ( has etched its legacy over 18 remarkable years. The journey began with a visionary named Pham Ha, who saw beyond boundaries, crafting an enterprise that has redefined experiential travel.

At its heart, Lux Travel DMC embodies a fusion of vision, mission, and core values. A beacon for wanderers, their vision extends beyond the ordinary, encapsulating the essence of exploring the world with a heightened sense of luxury and style. The mission, a guiding star, revolves around creating unparalleled journeys, crafting moments that linger in memories forever. This devotion to excellence has solidified Lux Travel DMC’s position as a trailblazer in the world of bespoke travel. World Travel Awards crowned Lux Travel DMC as Asia’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2023, this confirm its leading position in luxury travel in Asia.

Central to Lux Travel DMC’s success is a set of core values that pulse through every endeavor. Integrity forms the bedrock, a commitment to honesty and transparency that builds trust with every traveler. Innovation is the driving force, as Lux Travel DMC constantly seeks novel ways to curate experiences that captivate even the most seasoned adventurers. Passion flows through their veins, infusing energy and dedication into every detail. And then there’s community, a recognition of the symbiotic relationship between travel and the places it touches, leading Lux Travel DMC to champion sustainable and responsible tourism.

CEO Pham Ha and his LuxGroup’s team.

Pham Ha’s dream transcends his own aspirations; it’s a shared vision that echoes with every traveler. His desire to cruise the mesmerizing coast of Vietnam is more than a leisurely pursuit—it’s an homage to the enchanting beauty that lies within the nation’s shores. As if orchestrating a symphony of sea and sky, he envisions vessels gliding through cerulean waters, allowing passengers to embrace Vietnam’s coastal charm in unparalleled luxury.

But Lux Travel DMC’s story delves deeper, intertwining with history itself. The narrative unfolds like a tapestry as it embraces the Vietnamese dream of Bach Thai Buoi, the King of Cruise Ships. United by time and destiny, Lux Travel DMC carries forward the dream of sailing under the Vietnamese flag across five continents. This dream is more than a maritime adventure; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit that drives nations to conquer horizons anew.

With every voyage charted, Lux Travel DMC embodies a commitment to the extraordinary. Their bespoke journeys are more than mere vacations; they are gateways to cultures, gateways to history, gateways to discovery. Each itinerary becomes a chapter, each destination a verse, harmonizing to create an opus of wanderlust. It’s a journey that whispers tales of distant lands, cultures waiting to be embraced, and experiences that defy expectations.

At the helm of Lux Travel DMC, Pham Ha navigates with a blend of tenacity and grace, a captain steering the ship of dreams. His vision, nurtured over 18 years, continues to illuminate the way for both travelers and the industry itself. With every accolade earned, every traveler satisfied, Lux Travel DMC stands as a tribute to the pursuit of excellence and the unyielding passion for exploration.

As Lux Travel DMC looks ahead to the next chapters, the story remains unfinished, ever-evolving. It’s a saga of innovation, luxury, and boundless horizons—an epic that echoes with the footsteps of explorers and the laughter of those who dare to dream. With Pham Ha’s unwavering commitment and the core values that illuminate their path, Lux Travel DMC will continue to shape the future of travel, crafting tales that endure for generations to come.

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