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Lux Cruises Group to Add the Fifth Cruise Along The Scenic Coastline in 2025

Lux Cruises Group to Add the Fifth Cruise Along The Scenic Coastline in 2025

Lux Cruises Group (, a leading figure in Vietnam’s luxury cruise scene, is poised to redefine the cruising experience with the debut of its fifth cruise along the scenic coastline. Named HERITAGE SPIRIT, this inaugural masterpiece cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin pays homage to the heritage waterway and embodies the spirit of the esteemed King of Cruise Ships, Bạch Thái Bưởi (1874-1932).

HERITAGE SPIRIT stands out for its intimate ambiance, unique style, and a profound focus on local culture, promising an exclusive experience for 200 guests. CEO Pham Ha underscores the core values of character, quality, style, and an unparalleled overall experience, seeking to redefine cruising standards in the Gulf of Tonkin region from Halong Bay to Van Don and along the Vietnamese coast from the North’s Halong Bay to Danang (formerly Tourane) in the Central region.

Scheduled for launch in July 2025, Lux Cruises (’s’ Heritage Cruises introduces Vietnam’s premier artful boutique cruise, navigating the Gulf of Tonkin and the captivating Vietnamese coastline. As a flagship venture under the Lux Cruises Group, including Emperor Cruises and Heritage Cruises, known for operations in Nha Trang Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, this marks the fifth addition to the fleet, sailing through some of the world’s most scenic bays in Vietnam. Actively promoting the new offering through travel trade shows and roadshows across Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, the company aims to capture the attention of discerning travelers.

The architecturally-designed boutique river and ocean cruise ship, exclusively catering to 200 guests, boasts a luxurious spa, alfresco movie screenings, two restaurants, indoor and outdoor lounges, a pool bar, and a swimming pool. With 100 suites featuring panoramic windows offering breathtaking river and ocean views, Heritage Cruises is committed to crafting an unforgettable experience.

Founder and CEO Pham Ha affirms, “Similar to boutique hotels, boutique cruises are defined by their intimate atmosphere and distinctive style. Our focus is on delivering personalized attention, stylish themed accommodations, and a narrative to share. We aim to create enduring memories that celebrate local culture and arts encountered during the journey.”

Beyond the allure of an intimate setting, the ship’s modest size facilitates access to remote, less-visited locations inaccessible to larger vessels. Cruising the Gulf of Tonkin, including Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Halong Bay, is complemented by personalized services and on-request limousine transfers, a distinctive offering by Heritage Cruises.

Pham Ha emphasizes, “Our boutique cruise is classified not by stars but by ‘character, quality, style, and the overall unique experience.’ Positioned as a five-star-rated experience, Heritage Cruises’ inaugural boutique cruise seeks to elevate the cruising standard in the Halong Bay region, bringing heritage alive for travelers who seek to discover, learn, respect, celebrate, and enjoy, thereby redefining the art of cruising and becoming an iconic maritime product for Vietnam tourism.”

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