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LuxGroup’s Corporate Owning Culture: 5 Lovings and Five Constant Virtues including Kindness, Decorum, Uprightness, Wisdom, Faithfulness

LuxGroup’s Corporate Owning Culture: 5 Lovings and Five Constant Virtues including Kindness, Decorum, Uprightness, Wisdom, Faithfulness

“The corporate culture at Luxer 5 is centered on five virtues: loving yourself, loving work, loving Lux, loving guests, loving the country, and the Five Constants. Let’s comprehend the essence of Luxer’s core: the meanings of Humanity – Rites – Righteousness – Wisdom – Trust. LuxGroup’s business philosophy places the customer at the center and is doing business with kindness. We celebrate travel excellence, people, luxury travel, innovation.

Humanity – Rites – Righteousness – Wisdom – Trust are five essential virtues in every individual, corresponding to the Five Elements. Life constantly changes ethical standards, yet these precious ways of life must be preserved and taught to future generations.

In a specific context within LuxGroup (, the corporate culture promotes ethical business practices, innovation, humanity, pride, happiness, continual learning, and a focus on outcomes.

Humanity’s significance:

Humanity (kindness, generosity) reminds individuals to treat others with compassion, care, and always lend a helping hand. It’s not merely a necessary virtue but also a strong link connecting people.

Humanity corresponds to the Wood element. In the Five Elements, Wood embodies a green tree symbolizing life and resilient will to overcome life’s challenges. Despite harsh circumstances, that green tree perseveres and triumphs.

LuxGroup upholds Humanity to emphasize the profound significance of a person’s character, advocating for virtuous, tolerant, and forgiving living. LuxGroup values kindness within a Luxer’s heart, where service from the heart delivering happiness.

The significance of Rites:

Rites also signify rituals, ceremonies. It reminds people to respect and maintain harmonious relationships.

When receiving help from others, it’s essential to express gratitude and, if possible, reciprocate the favor. Rites are seen as a beauty of Vietnamese culture.

In addition to the five loves – love for your self (healthy), work (responsibility), Lux (Brand ambassador), Guests (ensuring 100% customer satisfaction), and country (proudly), LuxGroup emphasizes Rites, urging Luxers to live with integrity, respecting seniors, yielding to juniors, giving before receiving.

The significance of Righteousness:

Righteousness appears frequently in daily life, emphasizing the necessity for individuals to live morally, straightforwardly, and justly.

Belief in righteousness never wanes but consistently triumphs. Righteousness entails fairness, helping individuals grasp the truth accurately.

LuxGroup emphasizes an enterprise culture that fosters happiness through the ethical path in BUSINESS: passion, purpose, people-centeredness, planet, and profit.

The significance of Wisdom:

A Luxer’s capability is the sum of attitude, skills, and knowledge. Understanding oneself is the beginning of wisdom. Buddha taught that health and intelligence are the most precious assets. Wisdom includes perception and understanding.

Especially with wisdom, individuals avoid falling into delusional errors. Instead, they demonstrate knowledge and agility, effectively leveraging the potential of their minds.

Our ancestors had a saying, “Trí giả nhạo Thuỷ,” meaning: Those possessing wisdom are clear-minded like water flowing through all obstacles.

The significance of Trust:

Trust means staying true to one’s word, consistently fulfilling spoken promises. Those with trustworthiness value others’ trust in them and are reliable in keeping their word.

In the Five Constants, Trust holds the final position yet remains the pivotal point. Without trustworthiness, one cannot earn the trust and esteem of others.

The LuxGroup conglomerate, comprising both small and significant companies, values Trust to ensure credibility, importance, and enhanced ease in business operations.

LuxGroup values Trust, competing through its brand, being the first corporation to declare 100% customer satisfaction when trusting each Luxer’s brand and Trust in the LuxGroup brand.”

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