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LuxGroup Foundations: A Happy and Sustainable Organization Committed to Delivering Happiness

LuxGroup Foundations: A Happy and Sustainable Organization Committed to Delivering Happiness

LuxGroup is an award-winning ESG organization known for conducting business ethically and touching hearts with kindness, delivering happiness to Luxers, shareholders, customers, communities, and societies.

Founded by Dr. Pham Ha, a passionate expert in tourism, LuxGroup is a consortium of small giants operating under the MAGIC formula: Meaningful, Autonomy, Growth, Impactful, Connection. This formula demonstrates exemplary leadership in driving sustainable practices, fostering innovation, and inspiring positive environmental and social change.

LuxGroup prioritizes environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and employee well-being, setting a global example for sustainable business practices and workplace excellence.

Accelerating Change and Impact

LuxGroup ( is making significant contributions to sustainable cruising, hospitality, travel, and tourism. To further its commitment, LuxGroup proposes the establishment of LuxGroup Foundations, a charitable arm focused on philanthropy and social impact.

LuxGroup Foundations


LuxGroup Foundations is dedicated to empowering communities, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting sustainable development through strategic philanthropy and impactful initiatives.

Key Focus Areas:

Education: Supporting educational programs, scholarships, and infrastructure to foster learning and development.

Healthcare: Providing access to healthcare services, supporting medical research, and improving health infrastructure.

Cultural Preservation: Protecting and promoting cultural heritage, arts, and traditions.

Environmental Sustainability: Initiatives aimed at environmental conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable practices.

Community Development: Empowering local communities through infrastructure projects, vocational training, and economic development programs.

Programs and Initiatives:

Scholarship Programs: Offering scholarships to underprivileged students for higher education.

Healthcare Camps: Organizing medical camps and providing essential health services in remote areas.

Cultural Grants: Funding projects that preserve and promote local culture and heritage.

Green Initiatives: Supporting projects that focus on renewable energy and sustainable living.

Community Projects: Building infrastructure such as schools, libraries, water tanks, solar lighting for villages in Ha Giang, Cat Ba, and community centers.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

LuxGroup Foundations will collaborate with government bodies, NGOs, and other organizations to maximize the impact of its initiatives and ensure sustainable development.


To create better places for local people to live and better places for people to visit.

To create a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, cultural heritage is celebrated, and the environment is preserved for future generations.

By establishing LuxGroup Foundations, LuxGroup can further its commitment to social responsibility and make a significant positive impact on society.

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