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Ownership culture: 5P creating happiness in LuxGroup

Ownership culture: 5P creating happiness in LuxGroup

(TheLeader) In the early days of the new year, the entire LuxGroup team is eagerly preparing and gearing up for the upcoming surge phase after a long period of efforts to revive the tourism industry. “Out of adversity, into prosperity” is how LuxGroup ( Chairman Pham Ha describes the team.

Twenty years, a very long journey since the early days of LuxGroup pioneering the path of serving upscale customers, always aiming for sustainable and ethical business, putting people at the center to create a cohesive and happy organization,Dr. Pham Ha shares.

I am a happy Luxer,” says Ms. Tran Thi Khanh Trinh, a salesperson at Luxury Travel, a member of LuxGroup, affirming her pride.

Introduced to LuxGroup in 2017, LuxGroup was the farthest workplace Ms. Trinh had ever experienced, with a journey of over 20 kilometers. But it was the company culture and work environment that helped her overcome challenges to bond with the company. LuxGroup focuses on customer-centricity, continuous innovation, respecting and developing employees, along with building relationships based on trust and respect.

The time spent at the company is even more than the time spent with family, so the work environment is very important to me. At LuxGroup, colleagues are supportive and cooperative. The board of directors always facilitates when staff face difficulties; they always recognize, encourage, and motivate staff to strive in their work. That makes me love the company, want to bond and devote myself to the company’s daily development,” Ms. Trinh says.

At the end of 2019, she had to resign to take care of family matters. After the pandemic passed and the tourism industry reopened, the first place she thought of was Luxury Travel ( because nowhere else had she felt such care and sincere affection.

Ms. Trinh recalls that during a year-end review session when she was still on leave, the Chairman gave her a gift with a message: “Thank you for your contributions to the company, I wish you success in your new job.”

Contacting Mr. Ha to inquire about the opportunity to return to work, she still received attention, inquiries, and a warm welcome from the leadership.

Not only Ms. Trinh, but over 250 LuxGroup staff proudly call themselves “happy Luxers,” enjoying a fulfilling profession. Since its inception 20 years ago, Mr. Ha has determined to build a compassionate, happy business because he believes only happy people can bring the same to customers and partners. Serving customers with kindness, sincerity, and wholeheartedness is what drives sustainable development for a service-oriented business.

As the person responsible for drafting the company’s cultural handbook, Mr. Chau Tran, Marketing Manager at Lux Cruises – Vietnam’s first boutique cruise line (, says that delivering satisfaction and happiness to customers requires the effort of the entire team, with unity and solidarity being key.

To build such an organization, Mr. Ha focuses on the 5 P’s in English: Passion, Purpose, People, Profit, and Planet.

Firstly, passion is crucial for staff to stay committed and proud of their work and organization. LuxGroup employees work with passion striving for perfection.

Secondly, employees are engaged in meaningful work. “Built With Pride” is a slogan Mr. Ha set for himself and inspires the whole team. They work in a compassionate enterprise, in a company that declares 100% customer satisfaction rights. They work in a transparent and reputable business environment. Importantly, they work not just for money but also for a mission to elevate heritage.

Entrepreneur and maritime king Bach Thai Buoi says LuxGroup’s mission is to pioneer luxury and elevate tourism; telling stories of lands, elevating heritage, bringing culture as an input resource for economic development; realizing the dream of made-in-Vietnam yachts and cruises conquering rivers, seas, and neighboring waters of Vietnam and docking in other countries.

This pride helps LuxGroup have more brand ambassadors within the organization as they continuously share about the company and the positive values and impacts it brings to the community and society. As a result, they work with care, from the heart…

This is also related to the third keyword, People – putting people at the center, both internally and externally. Firstly, people within the organization. LuxGroup leaders focus on enhancing the quality of personnel through training programs and encouraging learning through work. They also set challenging goals and encourage innovative thinking.

LuxGroup leaders also believe “Customers are not Kings until staff serve them like Kings.

Touching hearta to win over luxury travelers. All our team members put customers at the center, working for customers, thereby contributing to the happiness and success of LuxGroup,” Mr. Ha said.

Ms. Trinh asserts that since working at the company, she has never received any complaints from customers or read any negative reviews about the brand on online channels. That is what makes her proud but also motivates her to strive.

Fourthly, having clear goals. The entire organization has a common goal, and everyone strives towards that goal. By ensuring transparency and empowering autonomy, individuals can set personal goals and plans, and calculate their own income. This gives them the motivation to try.

Lastly, protecting the planet, being committed to sustainable development. LuxGroup not only protects the environment during operations but also focuses on social factors, conserving and spreading indigenous heritage and culture.

In 2023, Lux Travel DMC ( was awarded the Travelife Partner certificate in conform with European standards. This affirms the relentless efforts of Lux Travel in sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Giang, in charge of talented people and corporate culture at LuxGroup, says many LuxGroup staff have been with the company for over a decade and continue to develop in emotions, intellect, and profession.

Ms. Giang herself had a three-month experience in a different environment but decided to return despite having a higher salary. Beyond material factors, she values all 5 Ps in an organization.

5P creates happiness and prosperity,” LuxGroup Chairman affirmed.

Despite challenging times like Covid 19, LuxGroup remains steadfast and quickly recovers as the pandemic passes. Mr. Ha said the keyword for the business in 2024 is “#strongertogether“.

When asked why she feels happy at LuxGroup, Mr. Chau Tran shares that it is the opportunity to learn and be inspired by the captain, a true leader with ethical business philosophy.

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