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Stronger Together We Strive For Sustainability In Luxury Travel

Stronger Together We Strive For Sustainability In Luxury Travel

Our Sustainability Mission Statement

At Lux Travel DMC (, a proud member of LuxGroup (, sustainability isn’t just a choice, it’s a necessity. We recently received the Travelife Partner Sustainability Awards at ITB Berlin.

Our mission is to lead the way in promoting sustainable tourism practices that respect and preserve the environment, uplift local communities, and provide enriching experiences for travelers. Through our initiatives, we cultivate awareness about sustainability and actively involve our customers, travel partners, and local communities in building a sustainable society.

We achieve this by minimizing environmental impacts, promoting local culture, and sharing the essence of heritage, history, fine arts, and cuisine with both local and global audiences. We are committed to conducting our business with professional ethics and being a positive contributor to the well-being of local communities and society at large.

1. Sustainability Management

We are dedicated to sustainability management through the following actions:

Appointing a dedicated employee to oversee sustainability initiatives within the company.
Having a clear and concise sustainability mission statement.
Protecting human rights through compliance with labor laws and regulations.
Providing employees with clear guidance, training, and terms of employment.
Possessing a sustainable action plan with well-defined goals, procedures, and accountability.
Maintaining transparency in sustainability through public communication.
Ensuring all employees are aware of and committed to the Sustainable Policy.

2. Human Rights and Social Security Systems

We create a friendly and competitive working environment that upholds human rights:

Providing financial support and social security systems for employees in need.
Fulfilling obligations to employees in terms of payment and benefits.
Upholding dignity, respect, and well-being in the workplace.
Adhering to laws and regulations regarding labor contracts and disciplinary actions.
Providing legal protection against discrimination and exploitation.
Creating opportunities for career development and growth for all employees.

3. Environmental Responsibility

We minimize resource consumption, waste generation, and pollution:

Reusing materials and recycling whenever possible.
Utilizing e-materials instead of printing.
Encouraging eco-friendly transportation options.
Choosing environmentally friendly products and services from suppliers.
Raising awareness about environmental issues among staff, clients, and partners.
Promoting the preservation of local historical and cultural sites.

4. Accommodations

We select accommodations managed by locals and collaborate with sustainable partners:

Incorporating sustainability standards in contracts with accommodations.
Promoting traditional culture through accommodations and restaurants.
Encouraging partners to become sustainably certified.

5. Guides, Local Representatives, and Tour Leaders

We support local communities and ensure high-quality guidance for travelers:

Collaborating with local tour leaders and representatives.
Providing comprehensive training for guides.
Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
Accompanying customers with professional tour guides.

6. Purchasing Management

We manage consumption and prioritize sustainable materials and suppliers:

Encouraging double-sided printing and digital documents.
Choosing sustainable materials for the workplace.
Prioritizing suppliers with sustainable practices.

7. Transportation

We minimize pollution caused by transportation and prioritize sustainability:

Selecting sustainable means of transportation.
Incorporating sustainable alternatives for transfers and excursions.
Promoting sustainable transport in holiday packages.

8. Destination

We maximize positive impacts and minimize adverse influences at destinations:

Choosing destinations reachable through sustainable transport.
Supporting biodiversity conservation and avoiding exploitation of wildlife.
Promoting cultural experiences and responsible tourism practices.

9. Customer Communication and Protection

We ensure transparent communication and protect customer rights:

Providing clear and accurate information to customers.
Educating customers about environmental impacts and sustainability.
Supporting local charities and initiatives.
Maintaining communication and support after holidays.
We claim the guest’s rights with 100% customer satisfaction.
Touching hearts to win over luxury travelers.
All of our teams are customer-centric, working for customers, and thus, contributing to Lux Travel DMC’s happiness and success.

10. Continuous Improvement

We continually strive to improve our sustainability practices:

Staying updated on emerging sustainability trends and technologies.
Reviewing and updating our sustainability policy regularly.
By adhering to this sustainability policy, Lux Travel DMC aims to minimize its environmental footprint, preserve cultural heritage, support local communities, and create a sustainable and responsible travel experience for all stakeholders. Together, we can make a difference in the world of luxury travel.

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