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Vietnam Nominated for ‘World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2024’ for the First Time

Vietnam Nominated for ‘World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2024’ for the First Time

The Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise, with its compact yet luxurious design and unique Indochinese architecture, has been nominated for the ‘World’s Best Boutique Cruise Line 2024’ as part of the World Cruise Awards (WCA). This is the first time a Vietnamese cruise has been recognized by the WCA, an award known as the ‘Oscar of the tourism industry.’

The Heritage Binh Chuan is not only the first boutique cruise in Vietnam but also a special product from Lux Cruises Group, launched in 2019 and inspired by the legendary shipping magnate Bach Thai Buoi with the motto “reviving heritage.”

“Revival” from the very name…

According to Mr. Pham Ha, Chairman of the Board of Lux Cruises Group, the name Binh Chuan conveys equality and development, and has been associated with the spirit of Vietnam for three centuries. In the 19th century, reformer Dang Huy Tru established the Binh Chuan Office to boost the economy and trade, integrating Western techniques with national values. In the 20th century, businessman Bach Thai Buoi initiated the construction of the steamship Binh Chuan, the largest in Vietnam at the time, to honor the spirit of entrepreneurship and national independence. “A century later, the Heritage Binh Chuan was launched, inheriting and developing the dream of Vietnamese cruising, reviving the precious spirit and heritage of the nation in the modern tourism industry,” Mr. Ha added.

The historic name Binh Chuan originated from the first shipbuilder during the Nguyen dynasty, later becoming an office during the reign of Emperor Tu Duc, proposed by Dang Huy Tru. The Binh Chuan Office was tasked with trading and building national finances, facilitating domestic and foreign trade.

Heritage Binh Chuan is a cultural touchpoint of heritage in cuisine, music, architecture, fashion, and fine arts, embedding the national essence into every dish, garment, and living space. Visitors will relive the early 20th-century memories aboard the cruise, in a cozy atmosphere filled with historical stories and cultural heritage from photos, paintings, and architecture.

Other cruise lines are also nominated for the World Cruise Awards 2024.

Lux Cruises‘ Chairman also mentioned that in 2025, the group will introduce a new 300-seat cruise operating in the waters of Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Saigon River, and Lan Ha Bay. “The greatest mission of Lux Cruises and the biggest dream of my life is to conquer the rivers and run along the coast of Vietnam to introduce domestic and international tourists to the rich heritage of our country,” Mr. Ha further shared.

The World Cruise Awards (WCA) is an initiative of the World Travel Awards (WTA) organization, first held in 2021 and continued annually to recognize the excellence of destinations and brands in the global cruise industry.

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