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LuxGroup’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Pham Ha, Nominated for World’s Leading Sustainability Leader 2024

LuxGroup’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Pham Ha, Nominated for World’s Leading Sustainability Leader 2024

Built with pride, from zero to hero, leading is serving, and sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity under Pham Ha’s leadership for a awaken, happy and successful organization like LuxGroup, one of the small giants.

LuxGroup to Establish a “Culture of Sustainability,” “Ownership Culture,” and “Happy Employee and Customer” Within Artful and Happy Workplace

Hanoi, Vietnam – LuxGroup (, a pioneer in sustainable luxury travel, proudly announces that its founder and CEO, Dr. Pham Ha, has been nominated for the prestigious World’s Leading Sustainability Leader 2024 award by the World Sustainability Travel and Hospitality Awards. This nomination marks a significant milestone for Dr. Ha and LuxGroup, reflecting their unwavering commitment to sustainability in the travel and tourism industry.

Dr. Pham Ha stands at the forefront of sustainable employment, championing a business model that balances profit with purpose, people, planet, and passion. His holistic approach has positioned LuxGroup as a leader in sustainable luxury travel, particularly within Vietnam’s vibrant tourism sector.

“Travelers today increasingly seek companies that prioritize sustainability, eco-tourism, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation,” said Dr. Ha. “This trend is mirrored by employees who prefer to work for organizations that embody strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Our dedication to these principles ensures we deliver quality products, maintain service integrity, foster customer satisfaction, engage in community involvement, and uphold a vision for global welfare through strategic partnerships.”

LuxGroup’s nomination for the World Sustainability Travel and Hospitality Awards 2024 – often dubbed the “Oscar of the Travel Industry” – celebrates the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, employee welfare, and sustainable business operations. Under Dr. Ha’s stewardship, LuxGroup has become a beacon of sustainable luxury travel, with plans to launch 30 cruise ships under Lux Cruises Group, designed for heritage travelers and embodying sustainability at their core.

LuxGroup’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its initiatives to reduce resource consumption, support local communities, and promote eco-friendly practices. This dedication was highlighted when Lux Travel DMC, a LuxGroup subsidiary, received the Travelife Partner Sustainability Award 2024, recognizing its commitment to sustainable management practices.

“In our quest for a Net Positive future, our strides in sustainable practices serve as a beacon of hope,” Dr. Ha articulates. “Proudly rooted in sustainability, we aim to deliver happiness within a happy organization characterized by an ownership culture and a customer-centric approach ensuring 100% satisfaction. We leverage tourism to revive heritage, integrating environmental, social, and governance criteria into financial decisions, making remarkable strides in energy efficiency. Each happy and successful story inspires us as we build a legacy for future generations.”

LuxGroup’s rigorous sustainability policy and continuous improvements have established it as a global exemplar in luxury travel, showcasing innovation, passion, and stewardship in the tourism industry.

Sustainable and Happy Organization

In today’s competitive job market, a company’s commitment to sustainability is paramount in attracting and retaining talent. Employers dedicated to securing top talent recognize the importance of fostering a culture that reflects environmental and social responsibility.

Effective employer branding goes beyond mere slogans to cultivate a culture imbued with shared values, beliefs, and experiences that resonate with employees and the wider community alike. The organizational culture plays a pivotal role in enhancing reputation, engaging employees, spurring innovation, and contributing to societal well-being.

Recent surveys reveal that up to 70% of job seekers show a preference for companies that prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility. This underscores the significance of establishing a “Culture of Sustainability” within the workplace, highlighting the integral role of sustainability in shaping an organization’s identity and appeal to prospective employees.

LuxGroup is dedicated to delivering happiness through passion, purpose, people, planet, place, and profit, fostering partnerships and prosperity.

LuxGroup’s Initiatives and Innovations

Since its inception in 2004, LuxGroup has evolved from a modest start-up into a robust conglomerate encompassing luxury travel, tourism, and cruises. Throughout this journey, LuxGroup has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, cultural preservation, and community empowerment.

Innovative Waste Management Practices

A cornerstone of LuxGroup’s mission is its innovative approach to waste management, particularly in plastic waste. LuxGroup has implemented comprehensive waste reduction strategies, setting new benchmarks in sustainable tourism. These efforts exemplify its leadership in promoting environmental stewardship and responsible tourism practices.

Collaborative Strategies and Community Engagement

LuxGroup’s collaborative strategies with community groups, NGOs, and businesses amplify its impact, creating a robust model for sustainable tourism. Through initiatives like Crafting History Through Art and environmental conservation projects like Water Tanks, Solar Lighting for Ethnic Minorities, and Save Animals, Clean the Bay and Beaches in Cat Ba Archipelago, LuxGroup not only preserves local heritage but also promotes ethical business practices.

Elevating Cultural Heritage

LuxGroup’s Dr. Pham Ha, Chairman and CEO, brings heritage stories to life with Amiral Cruises for Presidents, highlighting the great leader Ho Chi Minh’s legendary voyage to France in 1911 for patriotism. Lux Hotels and Resorts introduces the literature-inspired retreat for the first time, inspired by the Tay Tien Poem Of Quang Dung.

Emperor Cruises, inspired by the last emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai, and the made-in-Vietnam Heritage Binh Chuan, inspired by the King of Cruise Ships in the early 20th century, feature a heritage-inspired aesthetic. These cruises celebrate 100 years of Hai Phong’s Binh Chuan maritime history, offering voyages along the coast of Vietnam.

LuxGroup is a leading luxury travel and tourism company, specializing in inbound, domestic, and outbound travel with a strong emphasis on sustainable development and ESG practices. With over 20 years of experience, LuxGroup is committed to providing exceptional travel experiences while promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Dr. Pham Ha is an award-winning cultural entrepreneur who leverages creativity, innovation, and cultural insights to create, develop, and manage cultural and artistic ventures. Operating at the intersection of culture, business, and social impact, he aims to foster cultural enrichment, preserve heritage, and drive economic growth through his initiatives. His work spans various sectors such as the arts, entertainment, media, heritage preservation, and cultural tourism, with a strong focus on sustainability, community engagement, and the promotion of cultural diversity.

For more information, please visit LuxGroup’s website or vote for Pham Ha as World’s Leading Sustainability Leader 2024 at

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