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People and Kindness in Delivering Happiness at LuxGroup

People and Kindness in Delivering Happiness at LuxGroup

LuxGroup’s corporate culture places the word “People” at the center, emphasizing the happiness of employees and customer satisfaction. This model focuses on empathy, personal interaction, and understanding the perspectives of both employees and business owners.

Everlyn Kwek, the Chief Operating Officer of Great Place to Work® ASEAN & ANZ, describes the “human” model as a prominent feature, creating a positive environment by supporting individual needs and fostering personal development.

The benefits of this model include strengthening employee engagement, improving communication, increasing productivity, encouraging teamwork, and promoting innovation. Trust, according to Phạm Hà, plays a crucial role and must be built through daily behaviors.

LuxGroup’s “7 High-Reliability Leadership Behaviors” model emphasizes trust as the key to effective leadership, with a significant focus on people. Luxer adheres to the five virtues: Humanity, Courtesy, Righteousness, Wisdom, and Trust. Leadership management takes control of elevating aspirations, running a business ethically, mastering human nature, managing the workforce, and leading change.

Many businesses like SC Johnson & Son, DHL Express, Cisco, and Bosch Vietnam have successfully implemented this model, rewarding excellent contributions and building a supportive and transparent community.

Phạm Hà emphasizes that businesses need to understand their current culture, commit to high-level leadership, promote reverse mentoring, maintain clear and consistent communication, provide training and personnel development, create a learning environment with continuous improvement, measure and adapt, and recognize as well as reinforce successes.

Applying this model requires commitment, strategy, and continuous adaptation, bringing positive and sustainable impact to the organization.

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