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LuxGroup and its founding chairman received an Honorary Doctorate from Apollos University, United States, at the Global Science and Economics Forum in New Delhi, India.

LuxGroup and its founding chairman received an Honorary Doctorate from Apollos University, United States, at the Global Science and Economics Forum in New Delhi, India.

Hanoi, December 7, 2023 – Building upon a 50-year long friendly relationship between the two nations, the Global Science and Economics Forum is set to take place in the capital city of New Delhi from December 20 to 25, 2023. Organized by the Global Trade and Technology Council of India (GTTCI India), the event aims to foster economic cooperation, exchange ideas, and promote collaboration among organizations and businesses from both countries.

Within the forum’s framework, enhancing technological innovations, improving product quality, and establishing new management systems are considered crucial steps in strengthening the credibility of Vietnamese businesses in the Indian market. Particularly, LuxGroup, led by Mr. Pham Ha – founding chairman cum CEO representative, will be honored by receiving the Honorary Doctorate from Apollos University (USA). This recognition signifies international leadership roles, aspirations for elevation, and a mission to introduce Vietnamese cultural heritage and tourism to the world through bespoke luxury tourism services, yacht-based island tourism inspired by heritage, diverse experiences, and emotionally rich services. LuxGroup maintains a representative office in New Delhi to foster two-way tourism development between Vietnam and India.

LuxGroup’s experts have significantly contributed to elevating the image of luxury tourism and Vietnam’s heritage. Lux Cruises, with its renowned brands Emperor Cruises and Heritage Cruises, has offered unique experiences to tourists at top destinations in Vietnam such as Nha Trang, Ha Long, Bai Tu Long, Cat Ba… Particularly anticipated is the sea voyage exploring the coastline connecting Ha Long to Ho Chi Minh City in 2025.

The organizing committee representative evaluating LuxGroup’s founding chairman and CEO stated: “Global influence, pioneering vision, continuous innovation to overcome challenges, operating for nearly 20 years. LuxGroup under the leadership of founding chairman and CEO Pham Ha, is an exemplary conglomerate for its effective measures in combating and reviving tourism.”

Throughout its 20 years of operation, LuxGroup has received 20 tourism awards, contributing significantly to enhancing the image of tourism and heritage in Vietnam. Especially, Mr. Pham Ha’s leadership has propelled Lux Travel DMC to become the leading private travel business in Vietnam at the 2023 World Travel Awards, winning the top award in the Asian region ‘World Travel Oscars.‘ This achievement marks a monumental success not only for LuxGroup but also for the Vietnamese tourism industry.

The Honorary Doctorate isn’t just a personal success signal but also a recognition of substantial contributions to society. This recognition affirms the practical contributions and strategic vision of the honoree.

In addition to honoring Mr. Pham Ha, Apollos University also awarded Honorary Doctorates and Professorships to three other outstanding individuals from Vietnam in the fields of aviation, travel, and hospitality, emphasizing the significance of recognizing contributions from leaders and entrepreneurs in today’s society.

Mr. Pham Ha remarked: “I am truly honored to receive the Honorary Doctorate in Tourism from Apollos University, a prestigious acknowledgment of knowledge and expertise. Alongside my contributions in the yacht tourism industry, I am committed to continuously aspiring to elevate the importance of tourism, preserve heritage, implement strategies for the blue ocean, and introduce Made-In-Vietnam yachts to the open sea.

Leadership is about serving. With this Honorary Doctorate, it’s not just an affirmation and recognition of my personal efforts but also those of the entire LuxGroup ecosystem. Together, we share a vision, pioneer, work in a sustainable international environment, provide heartfelt and considerate services, with people at the core, steadfast, proud to lead in luxury, and always innovative.”

Apollos University, USA, nominates and awards Honorary Doctorates based on criteria such as international credibility, value contributions to general activities in global economic development, significant achievements, and contributions to promoting Vietnam’s participation in the global market.

Apollos University’s programs are offered worldwide through online and remote learning methods. The university accommodates students from various regions such as the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Apollos University’s programs are built upon knowledge transfer, application, critical thinking, and research skills.

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